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  1. Introduction

    The hatred of puppy lies in its naughty, and this is also the love. So why do puppies like naughty? These characteristics of puppies are related to its ancestors -wolf? Puppy likes to chase things, is it the instinct of hunting in its bloodline?

    In learning can be relieved

    Dogs like to bite things. During the biting process, through the feeling of biting or smelling the taste, you know and understand new things.

    The 4-6 months after the dog was born is a period of teeth. During the period when the puppies' teeth were changed from deciduous tooth, they always wanted to bite the things around them. If you bite things, you can make the shaking breasts faster, but not just that, this is also a kind of learning to understand the world around him. Dogs can't confirm something like a person. For novel things, they all try to bite first, and remember through the feeling of biting or smelling.

    This dogs are not just to bite things during the puppies. Even after adulthood, there are still many dogs who want to bite. When the owner feels uneasy, or boring, or when he is excessive, he wants to bite things. As long as the dog bites things, it will become happy, and it will disappear without a trace.

    This shoes with the scent of the owner

    . Although we feel stinky, the dogs are particularly fascinated by shoes and socks. These things are covered with the owner's smell. Therefore, when the dog is looking for the house, because of missing the master, he will unconsciously want to bite the owner's shoes. Moreover, too many shoes are placed more casually, and dogs are easier to get.

    The people who think it is unpalatable also thinks it is unpalatable

    . Even if they like to bite things very much, they will not bite the smell or taste very annoying. You can apply chili or bitter gourd and other dogs such as the table legs or piano legs, and use it as a supervisory supplies that corrected the habit of biting things.

    The desire to bite things is very strong, so that everything wants to bite. By biting, dogs know and understand these things. However, the owner should also guide the dog to let it know what to bite and what to bite, so that it can make it excellent.

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