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  1. There are many benefits of pet dogs. Pet dogs can use its cuteness and cuteness to make you happy and help you relieve your work pressure. Moreover, you can also get to know many dog ​​lovers through dogs, making life more colorful. However, raising dogs will also cause trouble, because many transportation dogs cannot sit. In addition, the dog has a short life, and the owner has to watch it die.
    . The benefits of pet dogs 1. Can be reduced

    Today, people's work pressure is getting greater. If it is not released in time, it is easy to cause depression. But when you finish your tense work every day, you can see that the dog shakes your head and welcomes you home, and then make a series of cute and cute movements to make you happy. All the pressure will immediately turn into cloud smoke and dissipate with the wind.
    2. Good friends

    Is when you have a dog, you will have the opportunity to strongly have a lot of interesting dogs. You will communicate with dogs together, share the cute moments of dogs, and make each other's lives more colorful. Even when you go out to walk the dog, the dog can become the weapon of your sister -in -law, allowing you to find the other half of your life.
    . The disadvantage of pet dogs 1. Difficulty in travel

    When you want to travel far, you have to consider how the dog should deal with it. You will always worry about whether it will be abused. Thinking about this, the mood of travel is gone. Even if you want to go home during the New Year, you will be difficult, because dogs cannot take bus and subway, and they need to consignment by train and plane, so it will be very troublesome.
    2. Participation

    Compared with the owner, the dog's life span is very short, generally only ten years. When the dog has finished its life, the rest of your life is not only one pet, but also a loved one. When you look at the dog every day, the sweet thoughts, and the beautiful memories will gather into a huge sadness, like the flood of the dyke to you.

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