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  1. Top.1 Czech Wolf Dog, $ 10,000!
    The Czech Wolf Dogs were cultivated by mixed Karba wolf and purebred German shepherds. It looks like a dog and a wolf, with brave and lively personality. It is very loyal and docile to the owner. Can survive strongly in a harsh environment.
    top.2 Tibetan mastiff, up to $ 7,000!
    The Tibetan mastiff is another ancient breed, and it is also the heaviest variety of all dogs. In ancient times, it was used to protect the home and herds, and it could even drive the leopard and wolf, and the price should not be underestimated. It is worth mentioning that in 2013, a rare red Tibetan mastiff sold the price of up to $ 1900,000 in China!
    top.3 Pharaoh Hound, $ 6,500!
    The Pharaoh hunting dogs generally weigh 20 to 25 kg, but they always look smaller and slimmer. This dog is stubborn and independent, so training them is a big challenge. But once the training is successful, they will be a very obedient dog.
    top.4 Akita dog, more than $ 4,500!
    Akita dogs are family pet dogs known for their loyalty. Akita dogs are actually divided into two products: Japanese Akita dogs and American Akita dogs. Japan's purebred Akita dogs will be more expensive, especially when they are sold outside Japan, about $ 4,500.
    top.5 Peru Inca orchid dogs, more than $ 3,000!
    Pegal orchid dogs are the most avant -garde dogs in the world, because it is the only one of many dogs without hair! Many people fancy it because of this magical trait, and its price is also rising. Now the market price is more than $ 3,000.


  2. The British "Sun" published a 2009 pet "rich" list compiled by pet insurance company PETPLAN on August 13. A hen on the list has 10 million pounds of property, and the top pet dog is even more worthwhile. £ 24 million. The top nine of the ranking are as follows.
    The first place: Shepherd Gonal IV
    Property: 224.6 billion pounds
    Imagine how many bones can I buy with so much money.
    The German Shepherd inherited huge wealth from its father, and his father's property was left by the German owner Calota Liben Stein's death in 1992. At that time, the 43 million pounds of legacy have now been doubled. Gentle IV now has multiple real estate, including a Miami real estate sold at that year. It also enjoys exclusive cars, drivers, chefs and servants, and uses caviar and steak as food every day.
    : Blint Calu
    Property: 53 million pounds
    Calu's rich hostess Patricia decided to give it to the property after divorcing her husband. Caru is now in real estate in Cape Town, South Africa.
    third place: Lion and dog Toby Lames
    £ 30 million £ 30 million
    The hostess Ella Winder's puppy Toby 15 million pounds in 1931, now This money has become the rich legacy of Toby's descendants.
    The third place in side: Oprah Winfri dogs
    D £ 30 million £ 30 million
    Opram's "Queen Queen" Oprah knows the favorite of pets She set up $ 30 million for the dogs for the dogs, so that they could live a worry -free life after she left.
    Fifth place: Kokko Kako
    The body: 22.6 million pounds
    This is really a model of starting from scratch. In one fell swoop in the film "Freewilly", Kaike has 22 million pounds of accounts. Prior to this, it was just a performance of a performance in the theme park.
    Sixth place: hen Jigu
    Onons £ 10 million
    In 2000, the publishing tycoon Mels Blackwell left 10 million pounds to £ 10 million after his wife died, I have my own hen friend.
    Seventh place: Kitten Kuroko
    £ 9 million
    The richest cat in the world, its property is also inherited from the owner.
    Eighth place: puppy trouble
    £ 7.2 million £ 7.2 million
    After the death of Billionaire Lyonna Hermsley, which is known as the "Queen Queen", he gave himself the name The pet dog called "trouble" left 7.2 million pounds of legacy. Hermsley's family even went to court to prevent this approach. The judge agrees to reduce the amount of inheritance, but it is still enough to live a comfortable little life in New York.
    Ninth place: puppy Flose
    £ 3.6 million £ 3.6 million
    actress Drubarmore is very grateful to his Labrador hunting dog, because it is on fire when the house gets angry Save the life of the hostess. Barrmore promised to leave his house to Flose.

  3. The most expensive dog ranking in the world

    Now that dogs have become a part of many families, but raising a dog is not a small cost. It will even spend thousands of dollars every year but it is just just a thousand dollars, but it is just just a thousand dollars, but it is just that it is just that it is just a thousand dollars. Perform basic vaccines, food and supplies. But is this just the corner of the iceberg?
    If want to buy a well -known dog, you have to spend a lot of money from the beginning. The following is the top 10 of the most expensive dogs in the world that Duoge World. The price of these 10 varieties of dogs is not acceptable to ordinary people. Please remember that the price may depend on the place where you live, and more importantly, the bloodline of the dog has greatly affected him the value of.
    The most expensive dog ranking in the world No. 10: Saluki (about $ 2,500)

    The Sa Luji hound (also known as the royal dog of Egypt), because Pharaoh Pharaoh Raise this kind of dog often. They are one of the earliest domestication dogs. They can be traced to Egypt more than 2000 BC, and they still exist in their pure forms today. Historically, the Chinese emperor has also raised such breeds. Emperor Xuande was raised between 1398 and 1435. Introduced to Europe around the 12th century. The Saluki hound's running speed is extremely fast, and it is often used as a hunting partner.
    Saka is the breed of dogs in East Africa. The average life expectancy: 12 to 14 years, origin: Middle East, capillary long and long, with a sense of elegance. Tall, slim, a bit like a long -haired gray dog. Men can reach 28 inches, and shoulder and weight can reach 60 pounds. Because they are transcendent and independent. In addition, they need a lot of practice.
    The most expensive dog ranking in the world NO.9: Luo Qin dog Lowchen (more than $ 3,000)

    To Qin dog Lowchen (meaning "little lion", in German). In fact, they are similar to Malta and other popular toy dogs, although they are slightly larger -the male dog is as high as 14 inches high (male, 30 ~ 35 cm) and 18 pounds.
    Then breed Lowchen is difficult to find. They are partner dogs, not work -oriented dogs. They can become happy people around them, and even children can accompany them safely.
    The most expensive dog ranking in the world No.8: Peru Incian Inca Orchid (up to $ 3,000)

    one. The whole body is completely hairless. Except for some random hair on the top of the feet and head, Peru orchids usually have skin colors called "gray." spot.
    The size ranging from a small 9 pound to 55 pounds from a small 9 pound to 55 pounds.
    The exposed skin actually requires a lot of special care. why? Because there is no hair to protect it, the skin is more prone to blocking fine pores, dryness and sunburn.
    The most expensive dog rankings in the world NO.7: Azawakh (more than $ 3,000)

    Asov dogs are one of the very few African varieties available in the United States and Canada. The Asowoga was originally cultivated by some nomadic tribes as guards and hounds. Because the variety of Asawu can reach 40 miles per hour (faster than gray dogs), it is mainly used to hunt very fast animals such as hare and glaze. The Asowoga is also a very brave dog, and it will drive away any size of carnivorous animals to protect his owner and site.
    Ashava dogs are abnormally dry and tall, reaching 29 inches.
    The most expensive dog ranking in the world NO.6: Akita dog Akita (about $ 4500)

    Among all breeds of dogs in this list, Akita Dog is probably the most famous-mainly is mainly Thanks to Hollywood movies, it looks like an eight public: a dog's story. The average life of Akita Dog: In 11 to 15 years, the original Akita variety in northern Japan was actually divided into two products: Japanese Akita (or Akita dog) and American Akita dogs (also known as Akada). Japan's purebred Akita dogs may be more expensive, especially when they are sold outside Japan.
    Akita dogs are a type of Japanese dog. They are the only large dog species of six Japanese dogs in the national natural commemorative objects. In Japan, it is a family pet who is famous for its loyalty to the owner.
    This Akita is slightly smaller than the United States, but the two have similar temperament characteristics.
    True temperament: vigilance, tame, friendly, sensitive response, bravery, majestic
    weight: female: 32–45 kg, male: 45–59 kg
    Male: 66–71 cm
    The most expensive dog ranking in the world NO.5: Pharaoh Pharaoh Hound (up to $ 6500)

    History, before 2000, after the Romans invaded Egypt, they appeared in a large number of the Mediterranean. Due to its sports personality, the Pharaoh Hound was highly intelligent and loved the royal family. The Pharaoh Hound Hound's blood is noble, with bright outlines and beautiful lines.
    The Pharaoh Hunter, although they can grow to 55 pounds (generally only 20-25 kg, and the height can reach 53-64 cm), but it will look smaller and slimmer. Women are only 21 inches tall, while male can be as high as 25 inches. This kind of dog is stubborn and independent, so training them is a challenge, but you have successfully trained them, and they will be a very obedient dog.
    The most expensive dog ranking in the world No.4: Rowa Vainer (up to 6000 $)

    Rowaline dogs are also translated to the Rowa dog, Rowa A large dog variety produced in Germany as a bedoed dog. In the early days, Rowa was used as a puppet dog. In fact, until the 19th century, they were mainly used to pull the car market -especially carrying meat heavy object butchers. Therefore, their nickname "Rodwell Dog". In the First World War and World War II, they were put into service as a time guard dog for war. At present, they are often used as police dogs and police dogs.
    Rowaline dog average life expectancy: 8 to 10 years, weight: female: 35–48 kg, male: 50–60 kg, can reach 132 pounds of weight, height: female: 56–63 cm, male: 61: 61 - 69 cm, they are strong, full of endurance, and high intelligence. They are fearless dogs who will protect their masters. They also pay attention to protecting their territory.
    Although Luo Wei is considered to be very violent and aggressive (mainly due to Hollywood and Anecdote evidence), the variety can be trained into a great family pet. However, they are very strong, so they need to be properly managed to avoid damage -even if it is only accidental.

    The most expensive dog ranking in the world NO.3: Tibetan masta Tibetan Mastiff (maximum $ 7000)

    One. Tibetan mastiffs native to Nepal and China can reach 160 pounds, 33 inches high. In ancient times, it was used to protect home and sheep to drive leopard and wolves.
    Because the Tibetan mastiff may be stubborn and strong will, you need to train well.
    In 2013, a rare red Tibetan mastiff sold as high as $ 1900,000 in China.
    The Tibetan mastiff will not be introduced. Many introductions have been introduced before. The most expensive dog ranking NO.2: Samoyed dog Samoyed ($ 4,000-$ 10 000)

    Samoyed dogs were originally cultivated by the Samoyed Samoye in Siberia. Average life expectancy: 12 to 14 years, origin: Russia, when the Samoyed dog grows up, it can not only help to grazing, but also a sleigh in the cold winter -like Siberia Husky and other similar varieties.
    , although the body is not large (male can reach 66 pounds), weight: female: 17–25 kg, male: 20–32.5 kg. Height: Female: 50–56 cm, male: 54–60 cm. Temperament: lively, naughty, vigilant, friendly, stubborn, group.
    It Samoyed dogs are also known for their patience and robust personality. They were originally used to pull a sled and guard the reindeer. They were also used by Western explorers to engage in the task of polar adventure.
    To interesting facts: The hair of the Samoyed dog has low sensitivity. In some areas of the world, the hair is collected and used as a glove and scarf as a replacement wool.
    The most expensive dog ranking in the world NO.1: Czech Wolf Dog VLCAK (unknown $ $)

    Czech wolf dogs have also been known as Czechoslova wolf dogs since 1955. This variety is this variety is It was cultivated by a mixed Karba wolf and purebred German Shepherd.
    This wolf dogs look like dogs, and they look very much like wolves. They are lively, brave, and active. Like a wolf, this variety is very social -whether in human families or other forms, he needs other animals or humans to accompany him.

  4. No matter which kind of dogs have the key to expensive and cheap, it depends on its bloodline. So the appearance cannot be clearly answered. You are currently a more expensive dog.

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