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  1. First, loyalty. The dog is very loyal to the owner. If someone is not good for the dog's owner, the dog is likely to take attack. This proves that the dog is very loyal.
    Secondly, the sense of smell is sensitive. The dog's sense of smell is about 12,000 times that of human beings. People will domesticate dogs into working dogs, such as anti -drug, fire protection, or hunting bad people.
    Third, the dog's hearing is also very sensitive. This is both the gospel of dogs and a place where dogs are not very good. Because some of the noisy environments we usually live, such as KTV, night markets, it is a very large noise source for dogs. In this way, when this environment is in this environment, it is likely to cause hearing damage.
    Fourth, dogs are a very alert animal. The dog will feel a bad guy, and will make some barks and drive these bad guys away. So many people use dogs to look at the home.
    Fifth, the dog's movement nerves are very developed. When a dog hunting prey or encountering things that it is interested, it will run through a long -distance running and trek, rarely rest in the middle, which is much stronger than humans.
    The sixth, dogs are also more powerful animals. Generally, when dogs are around the owner, they will look more powerful. Some may bully other people's dogs or bully children from others. , To avoid dogs.
    Eighth, dogs are a kind of understanding animal. Although it does not understand what humans say, it can feel human emotions, such as like you are happy, you are sad, you are sad, etc. These dogs will respond accordingly to follow your emotional changes and change.

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