Is Lijiang's love home pet hospital? Dogs are small there for treatment, I am so anxious to ask everyone to help, online wait

6 thoughts on “Is Lijiang's love home pet hospital? Dogs are small there for treatment, I am so anxious to ask everyone to help, online wait”

  1. Many people are influenced by pet hospitals and mistakenly believe that the "small virus" is terrible! Even because I spent a lot of money in the hospital, the dog was discarded! I will explain to you now: Pet hospitals are underwriting for small viruses for treatment, injections! But I don't know what liquid they lost! Dogs generally have not improved! Generally, the infusion will get more than one hundred or two hundred dollars a day! And the dog's spirit has always been bad! Even if the liquid is hung, the medicine and symptoms are not alleviated! "Small" symptoms are vomiting, pull! Speaking of white dots is more like the acute enteritis of children! Just apply the right medicine! (It is best to go to the hospital to diagnose whether it is "small" or "dog plague" and then take home the right medicine.)

    The following is the method of treating the "small virus" by home:

    "Mommy Love" (children's medicines, all major pharmacies are sold) Yunnan Baiyao (powder, internal administration)

    The two medicines are taken separately, and the middle time interval is more than two hours!
    Is see the situation seriously!
    S severe (4-5 days of illness) "Mommy Love" once 13--12 Paper cups and half a cup of water (derived to water according to the size of the dog, my dog ​​belongs to a small dog). Needle) Wheel
    two to three times a day!
    "Yunnan Baiyao" once a little bit (approximately 12 of children's dosage) Paper Cup half -cup of water
    n Note! Two medicines are taken separately! The interval between the middle time is more than 2 hours

    The dog has never eaten, there is no calorie! It's easy to collapse, so you can't be short of water! So you can add water to the dog's body when feeding medicine!
    Murax is more troublesome! But the effect is really good (my dog ​​is quite bad, but I think it is almost okay! After two days of liquidation, the doctor did not improve, and the doctor actually said that there was no way. R n The most important thing is to be patient!
    It, the dogs most need the encouragement and care of the owner when they are weak! Talk to him! Encourage him! Give her courage! He can feel it!
    As long as you have a spirit, try to eat soft food (not too greasy)! Generally, dogs have not urinated for many days! Just take the medicine and don't vomit! "Urine" basically starts to recover!
    but always feeding medicine to consolidate! (Times and measurement can be relatively reduced)

    I wish all the "small" dogs can recover!

    The most crazy when pet hospitals make the most "small" time! Please be careful! Don't lose the dog and give up money ~~~~~~

    I am the owner of the Xuenari group in Wuhan! After studying veterinarians for several years! If you think it is helpful, please set this answer to the best Answer!

    has been written for myself! It is strictly forbidden to pick up without permission. If you think this answer can help you! Please set it to the best answer! To indicate your affirmation of myself! For repost, please note the source of this post.

  2. If you know your local pet group! Intersection You can ask friends who raise dogs! Intersection
    You can check online! See if it is regular!
    It small infusion! Summer anti -serum! Detoxification! It is better to control vomiting and dilute! A lot of glucose saline every day! Because he can't eat and drink! Right?
    Stop! Intersection

  3. I suggest you not go to the home of love, everyone who has been to know, especially seeing a doctor! Except for buying things!
    The I have been in Lijiang for more than 3 years, and I have raised dogs. I should still know it.
    The treatment level of Zhongyi Zero 123 is relatively high and the price is reasonable. It is recommended to go to the loyalty market, where the boss is here!

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