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  1. Adjust the buckle of the collar to the position suitable for the dog's neck.
    The dog chain of dog bulk type is generally preferably fixed and fixed, such as belt type, just adjust the buckle of the collar to a little bit of a little bit of the dog's neck, because the puppy's neck is below the neck of the puppy's neck The position of the position is relatively difficult to be injured, and the stress point of the traction should be controlled around the dog collar. Do not pull it vigorously.
    How to use the dog chain correctly
    1, the law is extremely important
    When the dog goes forward or walks in other directions, the rope should be touched to send the stop signal. This action must be completed in a very short period of time, so the rope is extremely important.
    2, keep proper relaxation
    This holding in the right hand, you need to keep proper relaxation. The rope status should be sagged slightly from the collar of the dog. The dog owner should always pay attention to whether the dog is located correctly and whether there is a pull rope. Otherwise, the purpose of training will not be achieved.
    3, the difference between loosening
    The most easy error in the training process is that in order to make the dog's place in the right position, the rope is often tightly tightened, and there is almost no relaxation. It is meaningless to pull the rope when it is to correct the dog's behavior, because the dogs cannot distinguish between the two.
    4. Training fixed on the left
    When training or walking, the dog should be on the left side of the owner and in the same direction. Essence
    5. Do not let the dog take it with
    When the dog pulls the rope in a certain direction, you should force the dog to walk in the opposite direction. You can turn on the way and walk back and forth on the same road. It was the dog leaving the dog. Pay special attention to observing the appearance of the dog when preparing to pull the rope, and you can force it if necessary.

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