How can there be pet shops for pets in Changping District, Beijing?

Selling dogs, mice, and hamsters are all small pets.
I live near Government Street, which is the New Century Mall. Please also talk about the name of the store. I am not very familiar with this. I do n’t know where Dongguan is.

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  1. Opposite Xinlong's small commodity market opposite the new century, know, get in the other mouth from the other side of the new century, where there is a selling you need.

  2. May Pet
    Address: Changping District, Beijing

    Pet cities
    N Tel: (010) 80700610

    Dimon pet shop
    Address: Beijing Changping District
    Tel: (010) 80772790

    Near the West Road, Building Materials City, Haidian District
    Tel: (010) 82914731

    Kundi pet shop
    n Tel: (010) 81730760

    Cute Island Pets

    Ihe pets
    Address: Beijing Tiantongyuan 5th District No. 24 1 Gate 101
    Tel: (010) 84821380

    Xiuku pet shop
    Chihiro Pet Hospital
    Address: Changping District, Beijing
    Tel: (010) 81759446

    Ihe Pet Hospital
    Tel: (010) 84821380 Baidu MapnThis data comes from Baidu Map, and the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

  3. In the morning market, from the new century, the car 326 or 55, to the maternal and children's hospital, and then take a few steps forward to arrive in a few steps.

  4. Where are you in Changping? There is a pet shop on the road where the south gate of the South Gate of Dongguannanli District.

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