5 thoughts on “Shiba Inu is lively and active. Why is Shiba Inu the closest dog to the wolf?”

  1. Shiba Inu is lively and active. When it comes to the most wolf dog, the first thing people think of is Husky, followed by wolf dogs. In order to clarify this problem, scientists have analyzed the genes of 85 dog varieties. What is shocking is that the dog with the highest similarity to the wolf is not a Husky or a wolf dog, but a Shiba Inu. When it comes to Shiba Inu, we often think of its cute appearance and honey -like smile.
    The Shiba Inu is lively and active, maybe because the appearance of Husky is very similar to the wolf, and many film and television works often use Husky to play the role of a wolf, so many people think that Husky should be the closest dog, right? Intersection Shiba Inu, a medium -sized dog native to Japan, is one of the oldest dogs. They have a lively personality and are very alert to protect their homes. They are stubborn and independent, and they are very restrained by strangers, but they are loyal and obedient to those who win their respect.

    The Shiba Inu is strong and agile. It can easily cope with those steep hillside and can hunt in weeds and trees very proficiently. It is an excellent hunting dog. Shiba Inu should not be particularly unfamiliar to us. It is a very ancient hound. Shiba Inu and wolves have a lot in common. However, Shiba Inu's personality is not as fierce as wolves, but very active and lively. Therefore, many people believe that Shiba Inu's ancestors are actually wolves. Shiba Inu evolved from the wolf.
    If trip traceability, Shiba Inu's ancestors are similar to the ancestors of Akita dogs. Akita dogs are a prehistoric animal called micro -teeth. It is also the ancestor of the wolf, but if you stay on the wolf, the biggest difference between the wolf and Shiba Inu is their personality and their physical differences. Shiba Inu's ancestors are relatively strong and mighty, but Shiba Inu is not as powerful and strong as wolves. This is the difference. Unlike the wolf, Shiba Inu has no feelings. Shiba Inu is very loyal to people, has been together for a long time, and has deep feelings for people. Wolf, I believe everyone should be familiar with it, basically all dogs are domesticated from wolf. Speaking of wolves, its personality is very fierce. In the world, wolves are mainly distributed in temperate and subtropical regions of the northern hemisphere, which is more common in the United States. But in today's world, wolves are very rare. The main reason is to be attacked.

  2. Shiba Inu's DNA is very similar to the DNA of the wolf, and the appearance is more like a wolf dog breed. After a long time of domestication, Shiba Inu is independent, smart, brave, witty, gentle, full of temperament. Good choice.

  3. Because Shiba Inu has the instinct of hunting, they are very lively and active. They have a strong ability to understand and can quickly learn what you teach.

  4. Because this kind of dog is particularly smart, this dog will make a wolf screaming sound when this dog hears the sound of the fire truck or the sound of a police car. This kind of dog brother is relatively small, but this kind of dog breed It is relatively old. It is very fierce and has a particularly high vigilance outside.

  5. Because Shiba Inu's appearance is similar to the wolf, and Shiba Inu is exactly the same as the appearance of the wolf when he is angry, and the Shiba Inu is the most similar dog to the wolf gene.

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