What should I do if the dog does not eat?

For two days, dogs do n’t eat, and do n’t drink water. There is no special response. What should I do?

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  1. Food does not fit its appetite. It has uncomfortable
    The first, food does not fit its appetite, such as a dog often eats dog food, but suddenly gives it canned food and ham sausage. So it does not eat dog food.
    The second reason is that it is uncomfortable. For example, it has the problem of gastrointestinal tract, and it has no appetite at all. It may not eat dog food. If it is not eaten, but the spirit is very good, we can change the food for it, or let it be hungry, see if it will eat it. If the mental state is also poor at the same time, and it is accompanied by vomiting or dilute, then this should be paid attention, and it may have some other diseases. Then we can observe at this time that if it has not improved, or if we keep eating, we need to take it to the hospital for a corresponding investigation to see what it is because it does not eat.
    of course, the third one is because of fever. If the fever is, the mental state will be poor, and its appetite will become worse. At this time, we also need to take it to the hospital for a doctor to check it.
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  2. Dogs do n’t eat: Dogs lying on the ground and do n’t want to move. Check if the dog has a snot or a cold or not. This is also a big relationship.
    In addition, if you have eaten food, you can consider this reason if you have eaten it before. Caused by parasites. If you eat well before, you will have a bad appetite, and there is a situation of rigid or thinning back, and the possibility of parasites is very likely. Dogs that often eat cold meat foods are particularly easy to have parasites. It is recommended to remove deworming regularly.
    In anorexia caused by some physical diseases, most diseases, including infectious diseases, will cause less and less, and then slowly eat anything.
    The cases are generally there are other symptoms. It depends on the situation. In severe cases, you need to go to the hospital to infusion.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. If you do n’t eat, there are several possibilities.n1. Caused by picky eaters. If you have eaten it before, you can consider this reason.nDogs like to eat people. It is normal for dog food to eat dog food after eating. You can solve this problem by mixing dry food.n2. Caused by parasites. If you eat well before, you will have a bad appetite, and there is a situation of rigid or thinning back. The possibility of parasites is very likely. Dogs that often eat cold meat foods are particularly prone to parasites. It is recommended to remove deworming regularly.n3. Aoretication caused by diseases in some body diseases, most diseases, including infectious diseases, will cause less and less, and then slowly eat anything. In this case, there are generally some other symptoms. It depends on the situation. In severe cases, you need to go to the hospital to infusion.nBut I think of your dog's condition, I suggest that you take it to the hospital quickly ... Don't delay your illness ...nIt cannot be used for it, and the pet hospital has a special medicine for dogs.nDon't be afraid that pet hospitals are too expensive to spend money, since it is responsible for raising it. After all, it is also your dog.nHope it can recover soon ~n7 morenBleak

  4. The way dog ​​does not eat: The puppies will be weaned about 6 weeks of birth, and ordinary foods can be eaten later, but within 1-6 months of birth, it should be fed 3-4 times a day. After weaning until about the third month, the feeding time should be set at 7 am, 12 o'clock in the morning, 5 o'clock in the evening, and 10 o'clock in the evening, 4 times a day. From the 5th to 8th months of birth, it can be fed three times in the morning, noon, and evening. The amount of feeding to puppies during this period is equivalent to about one -third to half of adult dogs. In the months of weaning 2-3 months to 3 months, puppies' food composition will determine its lifelong eating habits. If you are preparing to continue to raise special dog food in the future, you must let it adapt to the taste of special dog food during this time. If you are preparing to feed in family meals in the future, food should be mainly animal protein and feed more high -calorie foods. Thanks to the 2-3 months of birth, the meat should be cut into thin pieces before the teeth and the lower Hubei have not fully developed. Milk, butter, cheese, etc. are more suitable. But the harder bones are not to eat them first. It is about ten years old 6 months to 1 years after birth, so dogs can develop into young dogs equivalent to 18 years of age in one year. During this period, it was the period when dogs grew most. The heat of the city was about double the growth of growth. It can feed more animal protein foods.

  5. In anorexia
    The people will encounter the same problem as Xiaobian. The dog's diet was normal before, but suddenly one day did not like to eat! Even if you are sent to your mouth, you don't want to look at it, but the spirit is not bad. Is this the so -called picky eaters? Today, I will talk about the reasons and solutions of the dog's not eating!
    First understand the reason why the dog does not eat, in order to play the medicine
    1. The weather is hot and there is no appetite
    The owners will find that when the weather is particularly hot, the dogs will become less or even not eat. In fact, this is normal. Usually, we are particularly hot weather. There is no appetite to eat, and the dogs are the same as us, so don't worry too much, just wait for the weather to be cold!
    . Dogs are in estrus
    Moisponsable of hormone secretion will cause the dog's appetite to decrease and show signs of irritability. This anorexia is relatively easy to solve. Only when you pay attention to sanitation and give enough drinking water, you can make a normal diet after estrus.
    3. There are parasites in dogs
    Dogs suffering from parasites are generally used for tapeworm disease. Both diseases will have anorexia in another dog at a stage, but hepatic slices will often quickly appetite and have ascites and other phenomena. In addition to anorexia, chronic weight loss will occur in addition to anorexia. Of course, there are other parasitic diseases, which are not listed here.
    4. Diseases cause dogs anorexia
    Is when dogs are suffering from other diseases, such as: dogs are warm, small virus, viral enteritis, colds, intestinal dysfunction (stacking, 拈 拈, enteritis, peritonitis, etc.) fractures Waiting for the disease to return anorexia.

    In anorexia

    It if it solves the phenomenon not to eat
    . Falun Dafa
    First of all, you need to fast to see if the dog is really sick. The dog is hungry and full. First, you hungry your dog. During the stop, you can drink water (a small amount of sugar can be added to the water). Generally, you can restore your appetite for the second or three days. In order to ensure its vigorous appetite, food can be stopped for one day every week. However, it should be noted that if the dog still has no appetite during the period, and other adverse reactions, such as dilute and runny nose, you must pay attention to it and take it to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.
    . Strengthen exercise
    It strengthen physical exercise and increase the amount of dog exercise. Generally, small play dogs only need to prepare more toys at home. For example, dogs bite glue and pull rope for playing exercise. Usually, they tease their running and jumping to meet their exercise volume. However, large dogs must go outdoors, especially hounds of dogs. The ancestors are hunting and lived, and they are accustomed to severe exercise. Let him run at least 5-10 kilometers a day. Walking the dog is a good way. Running with the dog, he not only exercised the dog and exercised itself; the dog's appetite increased, and his weight was reduced, two birds with one stone!
    3. Change the taste of food
    The best way to prevent it is to avoid feeding a single food for long -term feeding dogs, often changing the taste for dogs to prevent dogs from eating anorexia because of eating a food every day. The snacks cannot be too frequent. Eating it for dogs can be given as a reward for training. If you usually have something to do, give it a bit. After a long time, the dog will only eat snacks and not eat, forming a bad habit. In addition, when dogs are sick, try not to mix the drugs in the food, and try to get the medicine through muscle injection or intravenous.

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