4 thoughts on “Please help to identify my dog's variety like a Shiba Inu but not very much like”

  1. Few Shiba Inu in China introduces that the price of breeding is expensive. It will not be easily seen, let alone casually hybridization ...

    Dogs are skewers (hybrid dogs
    This history of these dogs flooding in China
    The product of the group of dog traffickers during the visual period!毛)哈巴狗长毛的民俗还称呼狮子狗还保留有北京犬特点是能叫京巴犬- 这些仅仅是民俗的称呼不具备纯种犬犬种名称rnrnrn

    The pet dogs in the early days! Mainly small long hair dogs! At that time, Beijing dogs and butterfly dogs Xishi dogs started tens of thousands of! With the butterfly dog ​​palace dogs, the Beijing dogs are mixed as purebbing! At that time, I didn't care so much about the concept of purebred! In the end these dog breeds were flooded with various hybrids! After the market eliminated! Give it! So it is not easy for the market to find the pure -breed Sihtchu Beijing dog and butterfly dog ​​...
    The Bomei Silver Fox Dog Carthade Malzis Sausa Sausa, which is introduced by the second dial of small dogs At this time, the crickets of the distorted market values ​​began to appear. The values ​​of the market values ​​were introduced to the Chihuahua! So the hybridization based on Chihuahua has been constantly appearing ...
    The poodle Snow Dog (various stalk dogs) Corki dogs introduced in recent years

    The domestic Lhasa Dog Beijing Dog Tibet Tibetan Dogs and others have almost no purebred cultivation in the country! You can tell you what dogs are interlaced and what dogs are! These people's cognitive ability is not D! These hairy genetic genetics (quite complicated) does not look at what is like! The behavior of dog vendors is extremely irresponsible ....

  2. Xiao Di is a skewers, not a pure -breed dog, so he can accompany his family for 11 years.
    This skewers are good
    Xiaodi's mouth and face are Jingba Chuaner
    This puppies have many puppies. He is short hair, so it is estimated that the bloodlines of the Chihua Doll
    should be a Kyoto Gas Doll, but I don’t know how many generations of his parents should not be a purebred SO.

  3. It may be a string. The two kinds of dogs are hybridized. Looking at the face is a bit like Beijing -Pakistan, but Mao is shorter than Jingba


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