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  1. Dogs do n’t eat: Dogs lying on the ground and do n’t want to move. Check if the dog has a snot or a cold or not. This is also a big relationship.
    In addition, if you have eaten food, you can consider this reason if you have eaten it before. Caused by parasites. If you eat well before, you will have a bad appetite, and there is a situation of rigid or thinning back, and the possibility of parasites is very likely. Dogs that often eat cold meat foods are particularly easy to have parasites. It is recommended to remove deworming regularly.
    In anorexia caused by some physical diseases, most diseases, including infectious diseases, will cause less and less, and then slowly eat anything.
    The cases are generally there are other symptoms. It depends on the situation. In severe cases, you need to go to the hospital to infusion.

  2. Dogs do not eat, how to improve dogs' appetite
    1, develop good eating habits: regular, quantitative, people eat food every day. In this case, hunger therapy is used to feed regularly, and take it away without eating. Also, dog food should be replaced frequently, and it is greasy to eat. Just like people, eating the same dishes often affect appetite.
    2, adjust the intestinal tract: feed the dog to eat some nutritious dog food, supplement probiotics and development of treasure intestinal conditioning recipes, promote gastrointestinal digestion, increase appetite The meat foam to stimulate the appetite of pet dogs. For example: Mix some lamb slices, beef, and pork to mix well with dog food, so that it can eat more dog food on the face of the meat.
    4, supplementing trace elements: For example, zinc element can improve appetite and iron to promote blood synthesis, and can also make up some calcium.
    5. Dogs who are sick generally have other symptoms. They need to be sent to the hospital for examination in time to apply the right medicine. At the same time, parents also need to prepare some light and delicious dog food to eat for dogs. It is recommended that they are not greasy natural dog food, which can help improve immunity, enhance resistance, and improve the bad problems of picky food. Say goodbye to Jun Jun.

  3. 1. It is seeking the attention of the owner
    In front of the owner, in fact, many times the dog is like a child, and he has a child with a small temper with a child. In order to let our parents pay attention to us when we were young, we deliberately damaged toys, as well as crying and so on. For dogs, because we get along with dogs in the past. Let the dog mistakenly think that when it does not eat, we will immediately come to it, touch and hug it. We might as well try to express their love to it. If it starts to eat later, it means that this is true. So what to do if dogs do not eat this problem, sometimes they should think from a psychological perspective.
    2, too much snacks, eat the small mouth for
    Many times we will go out to buy some snacks and come back for the dogs. In the end, you will be picky. The most thing that dogs should eat are dog food. If you eat snacks for a long time, it may be destroyed by gastrointestinal function. Then if it is really because of snacks, if you see the dogs occasionally, you will not eat it if you don't give the snack, or you rarely eat it. Don't be soft -hearted. After a period of time, you will find what to do if the dog does not eat? It's no longer a problem that confuses you.
    3, dogs, like people, do not want to eat when they are uncomfortable
    usually if they find that dogs do not like moving and do not eat. There are countless answers about dogs that do not eat. But don't forget a little. Is the dog sick? First of all, to see if dogs have appeared, vomiting, fever and other phenomena. Because we are not a doctor, I suggest you take a dog to a pet doctor to see. If it is determined to be sick, then the corresponding treatment is performed. And do not keep up in time in time. After a period of treatment, the cute little guy often appears next to you!

    Except for the above aspects, in the usual life, we often take dogs to run outdoors. What if we encounter this kind of confusion like a dog does not eat? In fact, as long as you carefully observe its behavior habits and compare the current state, you should be able to draw conclusions.

  4. Usually dogs are very snoring. You want to experience what you eat. You look at you with your eyes, making you embarrassed to eat it. The so -called you eat meat, it is bone, except for the food that it cannot eat, except for food that it cannot eat, except for food that it cannot eat, except for food that can not be eaten, When it does not eat, it is estimated that it is also very uncomfortable, it is most likely to be sick. At this time, if you do not take measures, do not interfere artificially, let it not eat or drink, continue to cook, soon you will soon be cooked. If you are fart, the dog's life is not guaranteed. If you love it, please take it to see the veterinarian and save it. , Dathetic, I was ready to take a shot, accompany us for a long time!

  5. If your puppy does not eat, you can do this, you can get the dog into a life clothing shop to see what caused it? Maybe dogs are caused by illness

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