1 thought on “How does Yunxi in my world make pets”

  1. 1. Method: Grasp the monster as a pet, it is very simple. First, let the monsters, make the monster left around, and then use the spider line (above 1.6.2 version may be used to use the rope). There must be pet mods in the game (some do not support) or pet plugins (usually in multi -person servers).
    2, best play: In fact, after downloading the latest version, wolf will be found in the map (white hair on the limbs of the limbs). Do not run at this time. As long as you do n’t hit the wolf, the wolf will not bite people. In the nearby, kill a few bone essence (archers) to get bones, right -click the mouse with bones, 20%~ 70%, the chance of becoming a pet dog (white fluffy bell dog, I recommend trying a few more times) After that, press the right mouse to right -click the "follow mode" and "stay in place" to the pet dog. When you want to attack a certain creature, let the dog follow. Victory, so pet dogs can also protect the role when the character is attacked. This is the benefits of pets.

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