There are many dogs at home, what should I do if I want to apply for a dog card now? Intersection

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  1. It must be supported. Some pet owners like to raise large and offensive dog species. Personally, they recommend that they can learn from foreign management measures for aggressive dog species, forced insurance, regular home visits, etc.; Or prohibit breeding. After all, it is still dangerous, and China's high -density population gathering, which is easy to affect the judgment, and increases the risk of dog injury. And gradually improve the tracking method of dog holders, so as not to find the person in charge after the dog injury is abandoned. Nowadays, major cities have their own "Regulations on the Management of Dog Raise", and the provisions of dog breeding are becoming more and more detailed. Among them, applying for a dog certificate is one of the important regulations.

    The policy for applying for a dog certificate, but I think it is even more important to apply for a dog certificate! First of all, what are the benefits of applying for a dog certificate. There are many requirements for screening dogs to apply for dog permits from the source, such as legal identity, complete civil behavior capabilities, fixed residences, and other conditions outside the area other than dog breeding areas. To a certain extent, it has excluded irresponsibility from the source and is not suitable for dog breeding. It can reduce the phenomenon of raising dogs, illegal dogs, etc.

    This reduction of the number of stray dogs can not abandon the dog at will after the dog's certificate. For those who are really not suitable for raising dogs, they can be handed over to the dog containment mechanism. This will reduce the number of stray dogs. On the one hand, the dog can avoid stray life. On the one hand, it can form a regular social order and maintain the appearance of the city. After strengthening the health and epidemic prevention of the dog's certificate, we must organize vaccines and check regularly, and obtain a healthy immune certificate. To a certain extent, you can urge dog breeders to regularly raise dogs, so that the dogs are healthier and safer to themselves and the surrounding people.

    This providing dogs with security guarantees to apply for dog permits. It is legal raising dogs and raising dogs in accordance with regulations. As long as you comply with various regulations, you don't have to worry about catching the dog. In addition, when your dog is injured or lost, you can also seek help from relevant departments. Applying for a dog certificate is only a measure of policy level. To truly achieve regular dogs, civilized dog breeding also requires people's joint efforts. The level of law enforcement: Dog certificates should be applied in accordance with regulations, and various policies should be implemented in accordance with regulations. For dogs' immunity, annual inspection, stray dog ​​cleanup, etc.

    The dog certificate can not be regarded as a toll tool, and it will not care after collecting the money. The subsequent service must keep up. The level of dog breeding: raising dogs according to regulations, and raising dogs. Strictly abide by the local dog raising regulations, walk dogs, consciously tie ropes, and consciously clean up dogs. Do not bring dogs to public places and transportation, do not disturb the normal life of other residents. The level of society: fulfill the role of the supervisor, and timely stop or report the relevant departments of the uncivilized dog raising phenomenon. After being bitten by the dog, they are not blindly dry, do not conflict, take reasonable and effective methods to solve the problem, and learn to protect their rights according to law.

    The most important thing is people's consciousness in the final analysis. As long as everyone can act consciously in accordance with the rules and regulations and public order, good customs, understand each other and respect each other, everyone can get along in harmony! If you just think about your own rights and ignore your obligations or the rights of others, no matter how well the policy is, there will be various contradictions! Give a dog is only the first step in standardizing management. If there is no follow -up management, it is not of great significance to apply for a certificate; The guardian of the dog must only walk the dog in the designated area and the specified period of time, the dog must wear a mask when you go out, the length of the rope cannot exceed 2 meters, the dogs and children and the elderly are free to take the elevator, and the shit is randomly requested. The second is that the guardian who bite people and dogs must handle it in a timely manner. It must immediately implement randomly sent to hospital for treatment with the victims, and take the full amount of medical expenses, misunderstandings and mental losses; With heavy penalties;

    This guardian pays the performance deposit; detailed the implementation rules of the punishment of the guardian in accordance with the provisions of the commitment, to ensure that the processing process does not fight the chapters, and the speed adjustment is made; the stray dog ​​is issued Methods to ensure reducing stocks, suppressing incremental and clearing at a time limit. All in all, we must take care of people, take care of all parties, do not have headaches, doctors, doctors, and children who can call them with milk. We must effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of people who do not raise dogs and ensure that they are not harmed!

    It is a good thing to apply for a dog certificate. This is also a manifestation of our country's pet dogs and even pet management. The dog's certificate is conducive to the vaccine vaccination to handle the hard requirements of the dog's certificate. The pet owner gives the dog to a rabies vaccine. At present, the pet dog is a rabies vaccine. It is completely due to the personal wishes of the dog owner. Indeed, there are a group of breeders. They do not follow the regulations. They give pet dogs and other vaccines (in fact, some small dogs). In fact, this pair of dogs, in fact It is a potential harm to the owner and even others. If you want to apply for a dog's card, you must apply for a dog card, and you must give the dog a rabies vaccine and other vaccines on time.

    The dog certificate, dividing responsibilities, so -called dog certificates are not a single certificate. Some cities will install chips to the dog's body. This chip has a dog owner, and this one in this chip, and this one in this chip, and this one, and this one. All information of the dog is particularly conducive to the management of pet dogs. Once a dog is lost, you can understand the dog owner's information through the chip and help the dog who is lost to go home. Relying on dog certificates can also be controlled and controlled, and the behavior of pet dogs can be discarded at will. The regular dog certificate handling is to regulate the responsibility of the pet dog owner at the management level. At the same time, it also admits that the dog

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