4 thoughts on “If you want to raise dogs and you are afraid of bacteria, what's a good way?”

  1. There are more and more dogs, because raising dogs can indeed bring a lot of fun to life! I believe that many people will worry about this problem before raising dogs, worrying that the bacteria on the dog will affect the health of themselves and their families. In fact, as long as the daily care of the dog and the hygiene of the home, it will not affect it. What should I do in my daily life? Send you a few small methods.
    I. Regularly drive the dog with insects
    Dogs not only have parasites in vitro, but also have them in the body. The puppies will have the first body deworming in 3 months. The puppies for 3-6 months should be deworming once a month, and the dogs are every 3 months after 6 months. In vitro deworming, it is recommended to carry out once a month. Many parasites are invisible to the naked eye, and insisting on driving dogs to be insect, it is a guarantee for dogs and family members.
    . The disinfection of the sterilization of the dog's nest
    This dogs have been sleeping in the keys' nest for a long time, and it is easy to breed bacteria on it. The owner should regularly clean the sterilization of the dog's foothills. You can buy a special pet detergent to clean the dog's quilt and the dog's nest, and place it under the sun. It is recommended to clean and disinfect at least once a week.
    . Do daily care for dogs
    The hair of dogs is a lot of hair, and it is easy to get rid of hair, so you need to comb the dog every day, so that the dog's hair can be collected. I won't fly at home. In addition, the dogs are bathing every 1-2 weeks to bathe with a special pet bathing solution. The pets of pets contain the effects of fungi and mites, which can greatly reduce the bacteria of the dog.
    . The family should disinfect regularly
    It after raising a dog, it is essential for regular disinfection at home. In addition to the daily cleaning and hygiene, you should mop at least once a week with disinfectant. In order to prevent disinfectant effects on the health of the dog, you can buy some disinfectant and detergent for special pets.
    Besting dogs pay attention:
    In addition to the daily nursing work, the dog must also give the dog a healthy diet. grain. Here is recommended "non -greasy natural dog food", low salt and low oil 0 additives, containing deep -sea fish oil, beautiful Mao to removing tears marks. You can add some fruits and vegetables as supplementary foods, so that the dog's nutrition can be fully guaranteed.
    The training snacks:
    Dogs can be rewarded with some snacks when training, such as "non -greasy chicken jerky". Pure chicken breast meat is dried.

  2. Just raise the dog on the balcony because the balcony environment is good. Just a wall of the siege. In this way, the dog is not smelly, and the bacteria are rare.

  3. You can regularly do insect repellent or vaccine for dogs, and then pay attention to their hygiene. You can also clean the disinfection dog nest, use a special dog cleaning agent to clean and disinfect, and then place it under the sun.

  4. I often take a bath for the dogs. The dogs who often take a bath are very clean, and the bacteria will be much less. If you don't want to take a bath for the dog, you can also bring the dog to the pet shop to wash it, which is more convenient.

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