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  1. Pet dogs are very easy to infect bacteria, usually "bacteria enter from the mouth"; dogs eat some raw meat and drink some raw water to cause bacteria to breed and induce diseases; when dogs go out and play, some places in some public places are also places in public places. Very unhygienic, unreasonable, and not cleaning and cleaning in time after playing, can also lead to an increase in bacteria on the dog's body. Dog's toys also have the existence of bacteria. Due to the influence of air and environment, some dust also exist on the dog's body, toys, and daily necessities. If you don't pay attention to it, the dog will cause the dog to infect bacteria.

    The symptoms of bacteria infection of dogs
    . Symptoms
    Once the dog is infected with bacteria, various diseases will occur. Use your paw to scratch your body. In severe cases, the symptoms of skin diseases are obvious, and symptoms such as hair removal and redness will occur. If the intestinal bacteria infection, pet dogs will have symptoms such as indigestion, vomiting, and dilute.

    . Treatment method
    Once the symptoms of pet dog bacterial infection occur, you should seek medical treatment in time to determine which bacterial infection is for treatment, in a doctor, in a doctor’s Drugs, injections, medication, ointment, skin bacterial infections can be used to wash with some antibacterial medicines while treating.

    This reminder
    It should pay attention to dog sanitation when raising pet dogs, keep the dog house ventilated, dry, avoid humidity, regularly clean and disinfect pet dogs, after going home out of home Wash it in time. For pet dog food requirements, you need to choose regular and safe manufacturers, refuse to eat junk food and unlicensed food, and always be vigilant.

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