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  1. Now more and more popular pet dogs are popular, but there are many places that need to pay attention to pet dogs. The health and hygiene of pet dogs are important. You need to get vaccines regularly and train pet dogs Habits, pay attention to the dog's oral inflammation, do not let children and dogs play alone, in order to prevent children from being injured, take care of dogs, try not to let the dog get sick, but also train the dog's stunts. The health and hygiene of pets First of all, the health and hygiene of the pets need to be placed first. Many loving friends can not be able to raise it after seeing the stray dog's leading home. Dogs should regularly take rabies vaccine, and the owner should often take a bath. The problem of the excretion of the bowel movement has plagued many friends, especially when the family first was raised. It was really messy at home. If the dog was excreted at home and packed the excrement, it was also necessary to disinfect the excretion place. At the same time It is convenient to go in a specialized place for excretion. It is necessary in the long run. Sleeping and eating on the Internet see a lot of friends with pets with pets. No matter what, pets are not like if they have any small problems that can show others. Therefore, it is recommended to eat and sleep. In addition, you should pay more attention to your friends who have skin allergies.

    The dogs with oral diseases actually have periodontitis. They pointed out that if the owner kisses the dog or the dog licks the master's face, it may cause some dangerous oral bacteria to spread to the human body, causing the owner to suffer from oral diseases. Can children and children stay together? If pets are healthy and healthy, it is still possible to pay attention to play with pets alone. Parents must be accompanied by parents. If you accidentally bite by pets, you must take vaccines in time to prevent diseases. If you leave the power out of power out, you must remember the power off at home. Do not put the ducts on the ground directly on the ground. Pets generally like to move around. It will cause dangerous situations such as leakage. It is important to train pets. Not all pets are very tame. It is necessary to train pets. How to defecate such as themselves, so that the owner is more relaxed, and some small skills teach some small skills can bring fun. For example, rolling column and other simple ones. Pet dogs must give the dog sufficient patience and care.

  2. It should be noted that the pet dog is the sanitation and safety of your family. Then do your baby have a baby and then do your family agree that you have time to walk the dog and have the time to be patient to give the dog a shit officer. Then you have to pay attention to your food when you have a certain requirements for his food.

  3. Notice of raising dogs
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  4. With the continuous improvement of living standards, pets have begun to enter our family and become an important member of the family. They are becoming more and more popular with young people. What do you need to pay attention to when raising pets?
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