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  1. When raising dogs, pay attention to inoculation of multi -joint vaccines and rabies vaccines to prevent severe infectious diseases. When the owner takes the dog out, he should also tie the traction rope for it. Some dogs have the habit of random shit, and at this time they need to train defecation. In addition, the owner also needs to regularly clean up indoor hygiene and disinfect pet supplies such as dog cages and dog nest.

    1, vaccination

    Pet dogs are likely to infect many intense infectious diseases such as canine plague, small dogs, rabies, etc. Among them, pet dogs infected with small pet dogs in infection are extremely high, and it takes thousands of treatment costs. Therefore, raising dogs must take dogs regularly to regular pet hospitals to detect antibodies and vaccinate multi -joint vaccines and rabies vaccines.

    2, traction rope

    Plores when the owner goes out with a pet dog, you should tie the dogs to the traction rope. If a dog has a large flow of people and more crowded public places, you should also wear a mouth cover for the dogs to avoid the dogs scrambled around. The dog barks and bite people, affecting the public order. It is not a reason for their own dogs to not bite people.

    3, training defecation

    Prope dogs are likely to have the habit of shit everywhere. Give proper punishment, such as tapping the dog's head, body, or scolding loudly. You can also spray the induction agent directly in the toilet to seduce the dog to the toilet to excrete.

    4. Cleaning hygiene

    The species of dogs in the process of playing, it is likely to be contaminated with many dust, dirt, and even a large amount of bacteria. Some varieties of dogs also have a large amount of hair when the hair changing season. Therefore, the owner of the dog needs to mop regularly, open the window to ventilate, and disinfect the dog cage, dog nest and other pet products with disinfection water.

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