4 thoughts on “How to choose a pure -breed French bullfighting dog?”

  1. When choosing a French bullfighting dog, the merchant will not tell you that the dog is pure and not pure, mainly to distinguish it by yourself. How can French bullfighting purebred bloodline be identified? The key depends on these 5 points, don't be deceived.
    The first point: The head of the head is a square -shaped, and the head is relatively large, and it presents a square shape. The part covering the head in the middle of the two ears is relatively flat. Moreover, the nose of the purebred is relatively wide, and the lips and nose should be black. The eyes are large, the eyes are very bright, clear, and bright. If the eyes are turbid, it means that this is not a pure species.
    It points: The typical "bat ear" purebred fascism is at a higher position of the head, with large ears spacing and standing ears. It is a typical "bat ear" The roots are wide and the tip is round. The ears are forward, and the skin of the ears is delicate and soft. When buying, you can pay attention. If it is not a "bat ear", the ears are too large or too small, it is not a purebred dog.
    In third point: The neck of a short -round body of the body should be short and slightly arched, and the skin under the neck and throat should be relatively relaxed, but the flesh of the Fa Dou is not drooping, and the law is not drooping, and the law is not drooping. The figure of the bucket should be short and round, the bones are very thick, the muscles are more developed, the chest is very wide and deep, the ribs are plump and upward, its shoulders and backs are wide, waist is very narrow, hips are curved, and the abdomen is compared with the abdomen. developed.
    The fourth point: The strong and powerful forelimb's forelimbs of the strong limbs are short and strong, with slightly curved circles. The hind limbs are strong and slightly longer on the forelimb. Therefore, the limbs are very strong and powerful, and the muscles are developed and compact. When standing, the posture is particularly stable. Fa Dou's foot size is moderate, the toes are short, the claws are short, but it is very compact.
    Fifth point: The fugitives that are short and smooth and smooth are short and smooth, soft and shiny. The magic pattern. If you want the dog's hair to look better, daily feeding can also feed Fa Dou's ingredients, such as Chinese cabbage, egg yolk or natural dog food with deep -sea fish oil, which will make the hair healthier and beautiful.

  2. You can choose a dog with strong body shape, the head is relatively large, the head is a square or a square or the hair is relatively bright and smooth, and the fur is relatively short. These characteristics of these characteristics are pure French bullfighting dogs.

  3. It mainly depends on whether this dog's physique is relatively strong. Its ears and head shapes are in line with bullfighting dogs. The innocent French bullfighting dog head shape is relatively square.

  4. If you want to choose a purebred and healthy French bullfighting dog. First of all, it depends on their active state. If the status is more active, it means that it is pure species. Secondly, you can look at the eyes. If your eyes are very spiritual, it is also pure.

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