I have to go to Kaili, Guizhou recently. What are the attractions or special foods nearby?

I still want to bring some souvenirs to my family. Can anyone help to recommend it? Please be more detailed.

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  1. The previous impression was illusory. The so -called sound hearing is better to see, and it is better to see it. If there is a day, when you are in the Miao Village with a singing and dancing, walking in the green mountains, or eating the refreshing food that you have never tasted before, and even get the most innocent selfless help when you are hopeless, you again How can we erase it from the depths of memory ...

    In the minds of Western tourists, ethnic culture in ethnic minorities in southwestern China is extremely precious tourism resources, especially a few in the Kaili area of ​​Guizhou The national style is more attractive. As the largest gathering area of ​​Chinese Miao and Qiao minority culture, its unique status and unique national customs make every attraction there be a mysterious color. The large -scale, clever layout of the building of the Duzhai Drum Tower Building The community, let you be in Huaqiao, Drum Tower, streams, and hanging roles. At the same time, the charming Dai songs will make the appreciation of the Dai style the first choice in your heart.

    The Miao and Dai autonomous prefecture, where nearly a quarter of the Miao population lives in the country and nearly half of the Dai people. The mountains here are deep and the forest is dense. Due to traffic occlusion, few people are involved. In people's impressions, it is a far place. Because of this, the primitive natural ecology and national culture here can be better preserved.

    The walk into the Kaili area, as if entering the green world. The forest coverage is reached here. There are few artificial traces in the Laigongshan Nature Insurance Zone and the Broad -leaved Forest of the Jianhe River deep in the Miaoling. The virgin forest is vast, and the birds and beasts are free. The rugged roads walk through the forest. The birds are fragrant and the air is fresh. The mountains and rivers are talented. There are Yanghe, Qingshui River, and Du Liu River in the Kaili area; as well as the Longxu River, the Gallout River, the Sugi River, the Wild Cave River, and the Bazhou River -there are many rivers in the state. The Daxi River is clear.

    The must have holes in Fengshan in Guizhou, and "Shidong Miao Village" is hidden in this vast mountain. Looking at the flowers and flowers, many people will sigh: Beautiful beauty, peach blossom source! Isn't it? The scenery is magnificent and beautiful here. Standing at the entrance of the cave and looking out, the mountains are rough, there are no shortage of strange peaks and trees in the ancient trees. The folk customs in the cave are simple and spring, and the huge caves shade the wind and rain. The sunset, self -sufficient, has no dispute with the world, and is in sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.

    It is not easy to walk to the hole: First of all, you must "climb" the top of the mountain top of the gorge near the gorge of the bulk river, your feet with your hands, the branches, climb the rock, slowly go upwards upwards Walk. There is a set of caves. The top of the mountain is on the cave, and the cave of the half -mountainside Tiansheng Bridge is the lower hole, and the middle hole is located between the two. This huge cave is like a huge eyes opened by Dashan. The green bamboo green trees in front of the cave are beautiful eyelashes.

    The entrance to the cave covered by Cangsong Cuizhu, open and silent in the cave, occasionally bullish, echoed in the cave like a plane roaring. The fence in the cave is a wall, and the top of the cave is the roof. Most of the furnishings in the home are the simple wooden cabinets and tables and stools. The residents in the cave spindle and weaving themselves, grinding the valley, and buying some daily necessities such as oil and salt from 15 kilometers away. The remaining days are planted in the fields, bulls or pigs. During the farmer's leisure, men drank their own wine wines around the bonfire, while women gathered together to talk about life trivial matters. The beauty of peach blossoms is beautiful, but the poverty and backwardness here are also facts, water resources and other issues, which make people sigh.

    This Entering the Kaili area, you will feel not only the transfer of space, but the time like time is going backwards. The rich accumulation of national historical and cultural accumulation has made the Tang Dynasty hairstyles, Song Dynasty clothing, Ming and Qing architecture, and Wei and Jin heritage. Most of the Miao Village Dai Village is hidden in the green trees. Village guests, enthusiastic Miao and Dong people have the etiquette of wine blocking and door. The most noble guests come, and there are many ways to stop the road. Wearing a dress -up girl, welcomed with mellow rice wine and moving songs, and enjoyed the same music. The free and rough guy blew the Lu Sheng mango and welcomed you into the village. On Lushengping, the beautiful Miao girl danced, the older old lady, who was old, couldn't help but participate in the dance of the hand. The beautiful and unrestrained dancing posture, the euphemistic singing voice, tells you that you are dazzling and listening to it. At that time, no matter how quiet, serious, and solemn you are, you will not be able to restrain the impulse of participation, interspersed among them, forget the reason, you can't do it ...
    n line planning
    Kaili ( Take the train)-Zhenyuan- (Dance) Yanghe-Shi Bing;

    back to Zhenyuan (by train)-Kaili-Langde-Leishan — Xijiang Miao Village-Sanbao 侗 侗 侗Zhai -Rongjiang -Laosha — Congjiang -Xiaohuang -Zhao Xing -Liping Bridge
    The destination n Kaili City is located on the foot of Miao Ling Mountain and Qingshui River in the southeast of Guizhou Province. The National Autonomous Local Reform and Development Experimental Zone approved by the Commission and the National Reform Commission is located at the place of the capital of the Qian southeast Miao and Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Kaili is a multi -ethnic garden and is known as "Miao Ling Pearl". There are fishing caves like Yaolin, incense furnaces full of mythical legends, picturesque Qingshui River, and countless Miao villages. On this green land in southeast Guizhou, the Miao style tourist area centered on Kaili, the Dai style tourist area centered on Liping, and the scenic tourist area centered on Zhenyuan have formed a gorgeous scroll of the landscape of Qiandongnan Prefecture Essence The harmony and consistency of natural landscape and human landscape reflects the characteristics of the famous scenery of the ethnic area of ​​Southeast Guizhou. The southeast of Guizhou, the water show, the beautiful scenery, the national style is strong and unique.

    This are subtropical humid climate. The climate is mild in seasons, no cool summer summer, no deep cold winter, and the average annual temperature is 15.7 degrees Celsius. In addition, Guizhou region has the saying "Tianwu Sanyin", which is particularly reflected in the Kaili area. There are about half of the year in the rainy season every year. It is best to carry rainy gear to travel there.

    The tourist attractions around Kaili

    [(Dance) Yanghe Scenic Area]

    (Dance) Yanghe Scenic Area is located in Guizhou Zhenyuan, Shi Bing, and Huang Ping County under the jurisdiction of the Miao and Dai Autonomous Prefecture of the province. It is divided into 394 scenic spots in ancient city distant, Tiexi, up, down (氵 氵) Yang, Yuntai Mountain, Sugihe, Heichong, Feiyun Cliff, Old State Ancient Town, and Chonganjiang Top Ten Scenic Area.


    The ancient city of Zhenyuan is located in the lower reaches of the Yanghe River. It is a national key historical and cultural city with a history of 2000. There are cultural landscapes such as Qinglong Cave, Zhongyuan Cave, Heping Village, Wuwang Cave, and Four Palace in the city. It is worthy of the ancient houses in Kyoko and Fuxing Lane, which is very historical.

    [Shi Bing]

    The fir rivers are the focus of play and the most fun project. Do not miss it. Camping, catching fish barbecue, it is even more happy; Yuntai Mountain is located in the upper reaches of the Yanghe River (Dance), and the scenery belongs to the same type as Zhangjiajie, but there is no spectacular Zhangjiajie, the terrain is obvious, and the rock -soluble wonders are formed. Among them There are many temple ruins and cliff stone carvings.


    The is divided into two from Jiangxian County, only one street on both sides, the east bank is an old city, and the west coast is ruled by new buildings. Essence There is basically no look at the county. The only thing to see is the Dragon Boat and Daji Market in the Dragon Boat Festival. Turning, the chicken barking barks this one after another, and it has a unique flavor.

    So from Jiangxian is definitely a base for visiting the surrounding people.

    [Li Ping]

    Liping borders the Sanjiang and Liuzhou of Guilin and Guilin in Hunan and Guangxi. It is the most concentrated county in my country. The iconic architecture of the Dai Village "Gulou" and "Huaqiao", etc., have nearly 300 Laping, which can be called the Museum of Museum of the Dai Army.

    [Tiansheng Bridge]

    The is located in Gaotun Town, northeast of Liping County, 15 kilometers from the county seat. It is the world's largest natural stone arch bridge found so far.

    [floor wind and rain bridge]

    is located on the Nanjiang River on the floor of the floor. This well -known wind and rain bridge is also known as Huaqiao. The bridge is 56 meters long, the bridge is 4.5 meters wide, and the bottom of the bridge is nearly 10 meters away from the daily water level. A promenade and bridge tower are built on the bridge.

    [Chejiang Sanbao Daizhai]

    The here is the largest living place in the country. Zhanglu Village (Four Villages) is the place where the standard sound of the southern my country Language. "Zhu Lang Niangmei" shooting place. 5 kilometers away from Rongjiang County. Zhaizi is very large, and there are many ancient banyan beside the river.

    [Moon Mountain]

    is located at the junction of Rongjiang, Congjiang and Libo, and Sandu. The main peak stands in the primary village of Rongjiang County Plan Township, and is 171 kilometers from Rongjiang County. The mountains here are deep, and the reckless virgin forests stretch for hundreds of miles. Due to the high road insurance and traffic occlusion, the Miao people living here completely preserved their marriage customs and festive etiquette.

    [Langde Shangzhai]

    In many introductory books that introduce the Miao style, you can often see a Lusheng field arranged with pebbles, the pattern imitates the ancient copper drum drum The twelve sunlight is made up, and the two ends with two rushing steeds paved with stone, which were shot in Langde Shangzhai.

    laes of Langde Shangzhai village surrounded by mountains and rivers, south of the south, surrounded by mountains on all sides, Mao Lin repair bamboo, set off the ancient and ancient hanging foot buildings, and the winding pebble roads are hidden from the eaves. Occasionally you can hear the singing of Miao Min in his throat.

    Mimin's clothing in the village is characterized by long skirts, so it is also called "long skirt seedlings". There is a small river in front of the village like a dragon and snake, and the small water truck is three or two. There is a dense "protecting the Zhai forest" in the south. There is a bunker and trenches built when the Yangda Six Uprising was on the mountain. After crossing the river, you can also see Yang Daliu's training field after crossing the bridge. There are also three small village gates in South, Central, and North, and the words "Lang De Shangzhai" are written. Behind the Lusheng Hall in Zhaizhong is the "Yang Dachu Museum of Cultural Relics", which shows the knives, forks, helmets, iron cannons and other items used during the Yang Dachu Uprising.

    [Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village]

    Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village is the world's largest Miao Village. It is considered a place where Chinese and foreign anthropologists and folk scholars are considered to be more complete in preserving the "primitive ecology" culture of the Miao people. The history of the Xijiang Miao people is very long, which can be traced back to the Chiyou tribe in 559 BC. It is said that Xijiang Miao nationality is the descendant of Chi You's third son. Before the migration of the Miao people in Jiangxi, the Miao cultural system had been formed before the Xijiang River. Coupled with the inconvenience of traffic, the ruler is not as good as that.

    Ti Miao Miao silver jewelry occupies an extremely important position in Chinese Miao silver jewelry culture with its distinctive characteristics. The most influential silver jewelry production village is the control of Datang Township of Leishan County. The village is a well -known silver artisher village in Miao Township, China. Almost all men in the village have mastered the technology of silver jewelry, following several generations. In addition to meeting the needs of the county, the silver jewelry artists here also walked south to the north, and traveling with the silver jewelry craftsmanship. Some remote counties in Rongjiang and even Qiannan can also find the trace of silver artists here.

    [Shi Dong]

    The silver jewelry processing of Shidong is very famous. At the same time, the girls here are also the most silver jewelry in the Miao people. Their costumes are famous. If you rush to Sister's Day or other ethnic festivals, all the girls in the town are surrounded by silver, and the wind is beautiful. If you can ask them to dress up for you, it depends on your creation.

    [岜 岜]

    The is only 7.5 kilometers from Jiangxian County in Lisha Village. Passing through the village from time to time, but many years have passed, Miao Min, who lives here, still maintains an ancient and primitive life.

    The most distinctive feature of Sands is the man's hairpin and the ancient tribal samurai image: The man of the man shave his head, only the hair on the top of the head, and the bun with a mode of hair, and at the same time, you must carry it with him. Pengwat, waist knife, wearing a self -stained self -made free right -handed right -handed copper buckle green cloth, straight green cloth pants, and pants tube is very large, it looks reminiscent of the ancient warriors in ancient times.

    Kaili ethnic festivals

    Kerry's most distinctive is its rich national style. Due to more than 130 national festivals in the year, Kaili has The name of "Hundreds of Hundred Festival". On this land, there are many ethnic minorities such as Miao and Dai people, and each ethnic group has their unique festivals.

    The most important and solemn national festivals are the annual "Miao Year". In addition, there are "dirty festivals", "Lu Sheng festival",, "Lu Sheng Festival", and "Eat new festivals" and so on.

    Whenever festivals, enthusiastic wine songs and mountain songs are accompanied by Miao family, silver corners, silver flowers, silver ring circles and other dresses. The rhythm of Lusheng brings together colorful song and dance oceans, which is enough to make visitors intoxicating.

    [The Lu Sheng Festival of Zhouxi (18th to 20th of the first lunar month)]

    This is a traditional festival fixed for the people of the Miao people of southeast Guizhou. Each year, the first month of the lunar calendar, the small -scale Lusheng Association is held from the Kaili, Majiang, Danzhai, Leishan and other places. At that time, the guys inserted a few wild feathers on their Lu Sheng. Hundreds of Lu Sheng played at the same time inside and outside the hall. The girls danced, and the scene was very spectacular.

    [Miao Baihuo Lu Sheng Club (mid -February of the lunar calendar)]

    The passed on the Baizai Belt Belt in Shi Bing County, south of Qianxian, also known as February Lusheng Festival, for three days, for three days Essence During the festival, the Miao people from nearby played the ancient climbing slopes of Changzhai, praying for the smooth weather and harvest of food. The next day, I moved to Lu Shengping in Tun Cottage to play, and the circle danced in the circle. In addition, there are middle -aged and elderly people fighting eyebrows, horse racing activities of riders.

    [Sister's Day (Around the 15th of the lunar calendar)]

    AD March 15 of each year, Miao girls on the banks of the Qingshui River, wearing gorgeous Miao people The dress, the bamboo basket with colorful glutinous rice, stepping on the drums with the guys, the "Youfang" (Miao Yu "Love"). The girls include small chopsticks, small wood hooks, or garlic, pepper, etc. in color glutinous rice to express their love for the guys. Therefore, Sister's Day is also known as "the oldest Eastern Valentine's Day".

    [Miao Dragon Ship Festival (May 24th to 27th of the lunar calendar)]

    ma, the Miao people living in Kaili, Guizhou, have the customs of Dragon Boat Festival Crossing Dragon Boat. Generally, It was held on the Qingshui River. In the past few days, Shimizu River Baizhou Athletic, the Miao people celebrated the holidays.

    [The Year of the Miao (the Day of the Lunar Calendar to the 15th)]

    The year of the Miao is the most grand festival of the year. Essence The main activities include drums, blowing suona, jumping Lusheng, horse racing, bullfighting, swimming, singing, climbing poles, etc. In the early stage of the festival, each household had rich wine and meat dishes, sewing new clothes, and during the festival, they walked in the village to visit relatives and friends to congratulate each other.

    [Dirty Festival]

    The dirty festival is the most solemn ancestor worship ceremony in the Miao people in Guizhou. "Festivals", "Eat Dirty", "Assassination Cow" and so on. However, the time of the Miao branches is not fully unified, including a series of religious etiquette such as slaughtering ancestors, using cowhide drums, and drums.
    The ancient belief of the Miao people believes that the drum made of the skin of the big cow is the place where the ancestors lived, which is the link and symbol of a bloody family. This blood family is known as the "joint model" or "door" in history. With the "contract", it can maintain the social order of the family internally and deal with the enemy's violations.

    The line tips


    The traffic in the Kaili area, East Jing Town and Yuping entered Hunan Province, West to Guiyang, Guizhou Province. From Guiyang to Kaili, you can get off at Kaili by traveling to Yuping's "Fanjing Mountain" travel train. About 3 hours of drive, the fare is about 24 yuan.


    Kaili Bus Station is located on Northeast Cultural North Road in Kaili City, west to the provincial capital Guiyang; Jiang and Congjiang's long -distance bus. The bus station business hours are from 8 am to 5:30 pm, and the departure time of bus departments is different. The fare from Guiyang to Kaili has a fare of 55 yuan; the air -conditioning bus is 35 yuan; if you plan to rent a car, it is about 200 yuan/day (and the driver eats and lives).

    It from Kaili to the surrounding town can take China Pakistan. You can take a car on the direction of the direction of the furnace (Xiang Foo Mountain), the fish cave, and the dragon field on the west road of Beijing; on the north line of the Jinjing River bridge in the south of Shaoshan, take the shuttle bus towards the south line.

    The fare from Guiyang to Kaili is 55 yuan, air -conditioning bus 35 yuan, you can take the long -distance bus station of Guiyang Stadium. The main car passenger stations in Kaili City are as follows:

    [Kaili Bus Station]

    Address: Northeast Cultural North Road, Kaili City
    Tel: 0855-8223098
    to the place: West to the provincial capital Guiyang, east of the town far, and the south to the south to the long -distance bus to the Leishan, Taijiang, Rongjiang, Congjiang and other places. From Kaili Bus Station to Guiyang's bus 07: 45-19: 15 every 30 minutes, special lines 06: 00, 06:30, 07:00 to 20:00 pm every 20 minutes, 40 yuan, 3 Hours.
    Opening hours: from 8 am to 5:30 pm

    [Washing Malaysia River Guizhou Southeast Passenger Transport Station]

    Tel: 0855-8251025, 8239739
    This to the location: It is the largest passenger station in Kaili, which is mainly a passenger car to Guiyang and the whole state. There are also long distances to Guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces.

    [Kaili Transportation Company]

    Next to the Kaili City Hospital of Yongle Road.
    Electricity: 0855-8221588
    This to the location: Mainly send short passenger cars around Kaili.

    It, from Kaili to the surrounding town, you can take China Pakistan. Take a car to Xianghuashan, Fish Cave, and Dragon Field on the west road of Beijing; on the head of the Bridge of Jinjing River in Shaoshan South Road, take a shuttle bus to the south line of Leishan and Xijiang; there is a small van at the trigeminal road in front of Wanbo to reach Qingman , Zhouxi; you can take the boss and the small van of the branches and the furnaces on the shopping mall; you can take a small van in Sanshu Town on the road maintenance section. The fare is around 3 or 4 yuan, and two or three drivers can leave.

    [Car rental]

    The car rental location -you can go to the entrance of the "418" hospital in Kaili City, or go to the car company to contact, or even ask any hotel to ask How the boss rents a car, they will tell you enthusiastically, and they will take the initiative to help you contact, and you don't need any return.

    The car rental price -van is usually 120 yuan a day, and cars are generally 150-200 yuan a day. In addition, the small noodles, such as Changhe, Liuzhou Wuling, etc., can generally be found near the bus station in the county. If you want to charter the car, you can discuss with them. The price is about 150 yuan a day, and the car rental is 100 yuan.

    The accommodation
    The Capital Kaili has various types of hotels, and the better standard room is about 120 yuan.

    The tourists can go to Yingpo National Hotel on Yingpan East Road. The double standard room is 80 yuan and the luxury dual room is 168 yuan. It can also be bargained. It is a good choice; On the one hand, there are two -person bid rooms, and the overcast side is a single bed; the Kaili Hotel located near the Youth Palace of Chengnan Plaza Road, the standard room is about 250 yuan; the Zhenhua guest house near the Beijing East Road and the Cultural Bureau of the State Cultural Bureau, the State Cultural Bureau A bed at 15 yuan, a double room with a bathroom about 30 yuan, and a standard room of about 60 yuan; the state government hostel is 50 yuan a night, but the equipment is old, the advantage is that in the residential area, it is quiet and safe and close to the city center. Pre -deposit deposit 50 yuan.

    It arrives in the Taijiang area, you can stay in government hotels, postal hotels, etc., the cost is about 80-120 yuan. Generally, there are cafeterias where accommodation, but if you want to taste authentic local dishes, you still need to go to the streets. The price of meals there is very cheap.

    If tourists go to Liping, Rongjiang, Congjiang and other places, they must be prepared for ideas. The world is around 60 yuan, with independent bathrooms.

    The diet
    Cari's diet taste is not much different from other parts of Guizhou. It is mainly hot and sour. It is relatively famous for the first sour soup fish hot pot, cured fish and beef.

    The southeast Guizhou is a "sour" hometown. Sour food is everywhere. Each household is indispensable for the sour altar, vinegar water altar, pickled Lai altar, pickling fish, pickled meat, etc., and there are also "March pickled vegetables, marinated fish, the first month of the carnites" and "the altar is not lower, the altar is not down, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not lower, the altar is not down, the altar is not lower," The saying about sour food is not bad. Southeast Guizhou's flavored foods include cured fish, Zhenyuan Dao dishes, Kaili sour soup fish, boss dog meat, sour sour soup fish, citrona roast fish, Chongan Jiang soup fish, 侗, social rice, Congjiang Xiangxiang Pig, San Sui Ma Duck, Rongjiang Fragrance Sheep, Fruit Fruit, Dai Family Pork, Dai Family Sheep, Niu Bang, etc.

    In Kaili, some of the more famous places are as follows:


    : Gao Xi.
    Recommended reasons: Kaili eats sour soup fish and dog meat most famous restaurants. The most expensive is corner fish, about 30-40 yuan. There are many choices for other home -cooked small dishes, which are very cheap. Only 5 yuan from Ying Panpo.

    [Gaga sour soup beef]

    : At the Mama River, 5 minutes from the bus station, Kaili people know.
    Recommended reasons: You can eat authentic Guizhou Miaozhai flavor sour soup beef, which is more popular.

    Snack street

    [Restaurant Street]

    Address: Qingping North Road.
    Recommended reasons: A street is a small restaurant specializing in dinner, which is a large gear. Consumption is not high.

    Night market

    [Beijing Road Night Market]

    Address: Beijing Road, it takes 8 o'clock in the evening to open the market.
    Recommended reasons: The small restaurants in the night market are fried in the same class, and the stalls are fried field snails, crayfish, barbecue, stinky tofu, brine cooked food, etc.

    [Niuchangba Snack Night Market]

    Near the Kaili Cross Xinhua Bookstore, Cathay Pacific Hotel.
    Recommended reasons: It is also a well -known night market in Kaili, and the night market varieties are also very rich.

    [Night Market of Power Plant]

    Address: The back street of the Old Power Supply Bureau.
    Recommended reasons: There are various snacks, barbecue, sour soup powder, green onion rice, etc. It's very lively at night.

    The specialty
    [Sour soup fish]

    Sour soup fish is the unique food of the Miao nationality. Essence

    [Pickled fish]

    This fish is a traditional famous food for the family. The fishing fish in the Yang family took the live fish in the Liujiang River, and washed and washed into the tile altar with the tomatoes, peppercorns, etc. and took it out after half a year. , Even the fishbone has no bones.

    [Bull back]

    This is chopped into small pieces of hoofs, hills and tendon meat on the back of the beef, stir -fry with chicken pieces and peppers, cooked cooked, cooked Later, it came out of the pot. The color and fragrance are full, and the spicy taste is unforgettable. Other famous foods also have hot and sour rice noodles, which can be seen everywhere.

    Themail in Kaili generally has a cafeteria, but if you want to taste authentic local dishes, you need to go to Kaili Street. The price of meals in these places is very cheap. If you eat at the villagers' house, it is about 5-10 yuan per person, but the request cannot be too high, and you can fill your stomach.

    It others
    1. If you are carrying a mobile hard disk, I hope to transfer digital photos into it through the Internet cafe. Please note that the Internet cafe along the way can basically not complete this service.

    2. Kaili City has passed the acceptance of "China Excellent Tourism City" in 2004. The traffic rules are very strict. For example, crossing the road must be traveled by the road, otherwise it will be a fine of ten yuan (in addition, you need to pay attention not to spit and throw garbage.

    3. In the urban area of ​​Kaili, there are many taxis. Take a taxi on a taxi, at 2 kilometers, 4 yuan/time at the starting point price, 5 yuan/time in Jetta. Basically, there will be no more than 5 yuan in the city; after 12 pm taxis, a taxi will add 2 yuan on the basis of this.

    4. Traveling in southeast Guizhou, there are many cross -county bus in the half -day drive of Kaili, and there is one shift in 15-30 minutes. I used to wait for the bus to be insurance before the bus station. In some villages, agricultural vehicles, tractors, motorized tricycles, motorcycles, etc. are all transportation. As long as people can go up, they can ask the locals or ask them to help find the car. If there are many people may not catch up with the last bus, you can consider charter, and the scenery on the roadside is not as good as attractions. If you want to be free or take good photos, it is best to charter the car.

    5. Shopping is mainly waxed and embroidery with national characteristics. Pay attention to the embroidery of a child with a child, adults are likely to open up the price for children as a guise.

    6. I met the bullfighting contest in the Kaili Lusheng Jiuxi Branch in Kaili, Guizhou. Do not get too close to shoot bullfighting to avoid accidents.

    7. Due to the more teaching in the rainy season, the air is humid, it is easy to be shrouded in the fog on the lens. Pay attention to the protection of the lens.

    [Precautions for Drifting of Shi Bing Shanmu River]

    1. It is best to store large luggage in the travel agency and bring some money by yourself. It is best to bring some sealed bags before departure. The plastic bags there are as thin as cicada wings, and the price is expensive. Some travel agencies can provide waterproof bags, 10 yuan/piece, as large as a sack, and the waterproof performance is pretty good.

    2. Drifting is best to wear sandals. Slippers are easy to rush away. It is not good to wear shoes without shoes, easy to slip, and there are many stones. Drifting is generally soaked in the whole body, and dry clothes should be brought enough. It is basically useless to wear raincoats.

    3. Drifting cannot bring valuable items such as cameras and mobile phones. The crew will put the tourists' items in the rubber bag firmly, and remind everyone not to bring the value of money with you. When you arrive in the water, you will be completely missing.

    4. When choosing a person who drifted the same boat, try to find a one who weighs the same weight, so that the balance should be easy to master.

    Recommended schedule
    about half of Kaili in southeast Guizhou is about half a year in the rainy season. Usually, most of the days of spring and summer are raining light. Umbrellas or raincoats must be brought with. In addition, sunglasses and sunscreen are used to deal with the ultraviolet rays of the plateau; living in a village with more mosquitoes, not mosquito water; shoes must be non -slip, good on the mountain road, preferably hiking shoes or climbing shoes; in the end, the temperature in the mountainous area is generally necessary In the low point, remember to keep a warm jacket. The best travel time is August each year.

  2. Haha, I am still studying in Kaili in high school. Do you go to Kaili or say around Kaili? How many days do you play? Drink you to come to our southeast Guizhou, haha, the Miao and Dai Autonomous Prefecture, you can play in many Miao Township Dai Village, and Mr. Yu Qiuyu has been here. In recent years, CCTV seems to have often reported our national customs here. In fact, many counties in Southeast Guizhou are considered to be Miao Township. If you are going to play, go to Leishan County. It is a relatively good tourist county. I haven't been to it, but many foreigners go there. , Sour soup fish, Miao family spicy chicken, sheep, anyway, it is delicious. You are from Hubei. The south should feel delicious. For souvenirs, there are many Miao silver jewelry. It looks good. You can also bring a little Lusheng. In short, you will know it when you come there. In fact, our county is also good, but we have just moved to the new county town and have not been opened well.

  3. There are more attractions. Sugihe, Feiyun Cliff, and our Chonganjiang Sanqiao-if you want to buy souvenirs, you will go to Miao Township. Clamping dog meat. Snacks are our rice tofu of Anjiang--

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