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  1. The method of industrial slaughterhouses, safe and fast cleaning, high -voltage electric guns dizzy, hanging from the hind limbs, the hollow blood heating knife into the throat, and the blood flowing along the tube connected by the knife.
    The common characteristics of the cattle family are strong physique; have legs suitable for long -distance running; there are 4 toes on the feet, but the side toe is more degraded than deer, suitable for running.
    This and canine teeth have degraded, but the lower incisor is still retained, and the lower canine teeth are also toothy. High crowns, enamels have folds, and complex teeth pattern forms on the surface after the crown is abrasion, which is suitable for eating grass, so the corresponding strength is very large. If it is unscientific, it is prone to problems.
    Extended information:
    The ethnic nation cattle culture
    The minority ethnic minorities also have the custom of condolences to cattle, called "donation king". The Buyi people in Luodian, Anlong and other places in Guizhou took the Eighth day of April of the lunar calendar. On this day, let the cattle rest for a day and let the cow eat glutinous rice. The Niu Wang Festival of the Gelao people is also known as the "Niu Shen Festival", "Cow King Bodhisattva Festival", and "Niu Kings Festival".
    On that day, people no longer let the cattle work, and used the good glutinous rice to make two ravioli, hung on the two cattle horns, and then took the cow to the water to take the shadow. Among the Dai people in the Rongjiang and Dongjiang area in Guizhou, the "Washing Festival" will be held on the sixth day of June each year. At that time, spring plowing has ended. Pray for plowing cattle peace and robust.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Cow

  2. I hope that the process of slaughtering cattle should not be tortured by dragging it. Since it is necessary to eat it, don't bring it to the last journey of pain! I have seen electricity and pouring the cow to pour the toes in an instant, so I can't see the violence and cruel scenes. Use the ax to cut the cow's head and knock the beef head with a hammer. come out? I feel very distressed anyway! But a group of people looked at and laughed! In particular, the traditional customs of slaughtering cows are made, you have never seen a lot of people on the scene, you can see it! The most stupid and cruel way is torture to death! Although it is for eating, it is uncomfortable if you can see it directly. Have you ever seen it tied the cow nose with a rope and tied the wood to the wood. Niu is crying so much that Niu's inner fear faces a group of people to look around. In other words, think about being tortured by alternative animals. A cow who hurts and cannot commit suicide can only be at fun around him! I can't laugh anyway! In the past, the partners slaughtered the dog with a rope to hang up and cut the toes and let the blood flowed over for a long time. It is best to get it and tie your feet in the bag and put it into the water. It is best to have a large water container. Cover the wooden board! Press the lid with things! Compared to the quiet way to hear the screaming sound, seeing some people hang the dog with a machete to cut it, the dog screamed them to change people from time to time to slap! Seeing the distress of the animal's cruelly tortured! I believe that more people will be distressed at the scene!

    It cats and dogs eat beef for pets to oppose others eating dog meat. They are not qualified to be cats and dogs. Qualifications are respected, is it wrong to oppose abuse? Normal psychological reaction feels that the killing of cruelty is the virgin? What's more, the cows that are farming to human beings in the early days are mainly consumed by the developed machinery agricultural chemical cows. It looks too cruel to the killing of animals who are close to humans. For example, a group of junior high school students in our village often dinner when they get on the holidays. Buy dogs to slaughter, hang the dog up with more than one meter machete to take turns, and the dog screams to be more vigorous. Until growing up, the dogs are now tied up in the bag and put them in a large ceramic water tank. Cover with a wooden board and press the lid with a stone without any sound! Among these people, there are individual people who do n’t eat dog meat because they have exposed to loyal dogs!

    The villagers in a mountain area gathered together. One or two men tied a cow's nose with a rope and tied the trunk with gas. No one has been in contact with the cattle, and it is impossible to know what the cow has contacted the loyalty to the owner for a long time. So they could laugh, and the killing process was photographed on the Internet. Most people are disgusted with this way of killing! There are individual saying that you do n’t eat beef or eat plants. That ’s life, and there are even more exaggerated; mosquito bites you for not starving for it! C.T.M is not the intellectual disability! Niu Hao's early days for human farming, although it is mainly consumed by human beings, there are still a lot of farming. Comparing mosquitoes and cows is not intellectual! What's more, just oppose the killing!

    The earliest cattle are generally used for cultivated land. The good teachers are very smooth. When weeding in the ground, the corn is 50 cm tall. In order not to let the cow eat corn to put the bamboo nose of the bamboo. My family has raised scalpels and buffalo for decades. I was so fierce that I had only seen one of them. I couldn't touch it as long as I approached it. My dad, as long as the cow was biased when he was farming, he was beaten. When Grandpa said that there were only a dozen households in our village, my family had a buffalo. One day I went to a relatively remote land arable land. The weather was hot. My dad wanted to farm and then went back to the cow to be obedient. It sounds good! My family has not killed a cow for more than ten years. At most, there are 8 large and small. But there are beef in other homes to buy! It is mainly because of the long time when there is feelings and unbearable. I would rather get the market for sale without choosing to sell it. At least they do not face the scene where they have feelings. After trading with the buyer, when the owner left, Niu's eyes looked at the owner that it might know that the owner didn't want it, but he couldn't help it! Do you feel distressed when you see the scene where Niu faced the crowd of being slaughtered? In fact, cattle and horses are very spiritual. In our village, there are only men tamed by men. There are only two horses in women. Marco is much fierce than cow. When my family has raised cattle for decades, when the Mavericks will walk outside to eat grass, I will get close to the owner to lick the owner's hand with my tongue, squat it with a wooden stick, and shake it at the face with the palm. Scared, watching a well -behaved look until it grows so cute, but also likes to lick the owner's hand with his tongue. When it is sold to others, it will watch you leave it! Normal people will reluctant! I don't blame anyone! If you want you to quit slowly. I have no right to change my own. But I hope that you will use the animal to kill the food slaughter and kill it for the last journey, making it fear, pain, and screams. The person who looked at the madage was unreasonable.

  3. The industrial slaughterhouse, the method of safe and fast cleaning ...
    high -voltage electric guns dizzy, hanging from the hind limbs, the hollow blood hemorrhage knife into the throat, the blood flowing along the tube connected by the knife

    The private cow killing is troublesome. Someone has tried it here, but the household electricity is not dizzy. In the end, it still blessed and sacrificed the six pound hammers to fall to the ground. Danger, in case of the consequences of the bull's violent consequences, to say that it is still a bullfighter killing the cattle, the hind neck awl, the spinal cord will be cut directly, and the high level is paraplegia immediately

  4. There are two ways to kill cattle, one is blood bleeding, and the other is to kill directly with a hammer. I think the second one is too shocking. I personally recommend the first

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