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  1. Bao Ma should often see such a scene when taking children: a baby who is more than one year old runs tremblingly with his calf, and he also mumbles the "cat, cat" in his mouth. Parents who have brought their babies must be familiar with this scene. But parents, why do babies like animals so much? Do you know the reason?
    1. The size of the animal
    In general, the family -based animals are relatively small and have a mild personality. Whenever you see such small animals, such as kittens and puppies, the baby will appear extremely excited. Be sure to hug the cat to touch the dog to be satisfied. Because babies often face adults or children of the same age. When they see animals smaller than them, they will become soft and want to get close to small animals.
    The feeling of a baby likes small animals, just like our adults feel the child. No matter which age, adults who see the baby will show a smile unconsciously and want to hug him to tease him. People are born to contact animals or people smaller than themselves, which is an instinct. But after the baby is in contact with small animals, remember to teach the baby to wash his hands. After all, the child's physique is relatively weak.
    2. Naturally
    The baby's heart is very simple, everything in their eyes is beautiful. Seeing hairy animals, they were surprised at the same time. This is because the growing fur on the animals will make them feel warm, especially when the baby hugs a cat, dog, and dogs, he has experienced the warmth in person, so they like small animals very much.
    3. Environmental impact
    Is after the baby is born, basically all parents will tie some cute toys on the baby's stroller or cradle. This is to let the baby see a variety of worlds, and it is also to facilitate the baby to play. Over time, the images of these cute animals will be printed in the baby's mind. After the baby can express his meaning slightly, the appearance of these small animals will quickly attract their attention and want to touch the hug.
    4. Parent's teaching
    When the baby is about one year old, the parents will stick a large picture of pinyin on the wall at home to facilitate the baby to learn to speak. To tell the baby's sleep story. There are various animals on these pictures. When they know the painting, they will increase their memory. Then see the cute animals on the fairy tale book in life, which will increase their love for small animals.

  2. With the development of a new society, people's ideas have gradually changed. Now people's thoughts are becoming more and more trendy, and some things they accept are relatively new. Therefore, people now have changed their past ideas and practices. With new ideas and behaviors, they also teach their children to have different ideas. Parents are mixed with the thoughts of the new era in the process of educating their children, which can allow children to develop further. Pets are relatively trendy now, and they are more common. In big cities, almost one or two pets are raising.

    people now treat pets as a daily thing, As a common thing, and parents also hope that their children can have their favorite pets, and then raise him. Nowadays, parents are more encouraging their children to raise pets, because pets are developed well for children. Parents are also parents who encourage their children to keep their pets in their lives. What they think that the pets can allow their children to have a life partner in life to play with their children, because most families now have only one or two children in their homes. The child does not have many playmates, so pets are able to find a partner for children in life and allow children to have a heart companion.
    : The influence of pets on children
    1. It can make children kind
    . Although it is common for pets to raise pets The big influence, this has some promotion of some children's concepts and some quality cultivation, because small animals can stimulate children's love and make children kind. If the child can go to keep pets, the child will know how to love small animals, and can learn to be kind from the love of small animals. In the process of raising pets Therefore, slowly letting children know what kind of kindness should be like, and learned to treat others with a kind attitude towards anything and anyone, so that children can have good quality. Therefore, letting children raise pets can cultivate children's kindness to a certain extent and allow children to have a kind heart.
    2. Soul of the mind
    The current society is an era of great development. Anyone is pursuing development, and I hope that they can do it in this society. Ambition, with his own career, is working hard for your own career, and it is inevitable that he will not take care of his children. Therefore, if you allow your child to raise pets, you can allow your child to have a companion in life. You can accompany friends in life, so that the child's psychology can be comforted, and it will not make the child feel lonely. Pets are an important living partner in the growth of children. If there is a pet, it can make children find a little fun of life, can make children have a companion with these pets, and make children happy in life. Parents' companionship makes the child's personality lonely and lonely in his heart.

    3. The process of pet -breeding is also the process of cultivating children's sense of responsibility. In the process of breeding pets, children need to be responsible for the various things of pets. They must take care of them carefully. They take care of life, so in the process, the children slowly learned to be responsible and learned how to bear their own responsibilities. Children will slowly cultivate a sense of responsibility in the process of pets and make children a responsible person.
    The biggest role in raising pets is to make children learn to take responsibility and make children have a sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility is very important for children's development and can be said to have a profound impact. Because most children can rarely bear their own responsibilities and rarely bear them. A responsible child cannot be able to take on their lives, and there is no sense of responsibility in life. Therefore, letting children raise pets and cultivate children's sense of responsibility are far -reaching, and it is an extremely important thing.
    : The manifestation of the child in life without sense of responsibility
    1. His affairs have not been able to complete
    The children now have no sense of responsibility, no sense of responsibility, and the sense of responsibility is very weak. It is because the children in today's society are loved by most parents, causing children to fail to cultivate a sense of responsibility and responsibility in this growth process. Children have not enough responsibility for their own affairs in their lives. Children cannot take their own responsibilities and cannot do for their own affairs. Only to complete, children will never take the initiative to take the responsibility they should be held, and always think about other people or parents to do everything for themselves.

    2, avoiding things
    The performance is that the child does not choose to escape when facing the matter, and cannot face what he encounters. If he does something wrong, he will not take the initiative to take his own responsibility. It is not the responsibility you should bear, and the consequences caused by doing things cannot bear the mistakes he made. This kind of escape from a child is to escape himself. The wrong behavior made is an irresponsible behavior, and it is also a manifestation of lack of responsibility.
    3, throwing things
    . Another manifestation of children's irresponsibleness is that the child threw things at home and destroyed things at will instead of restoring it. After that, I do n’t want to be myself. After breaking, they will return to the original. The child is the same. The child is the same. Throwing things outside and anywhere, he did not take on his sense of social responsibility. Children do not realize that they are not good at their behavior, and they do not realize that they must also have the responsibility to maintain the family's economy and maintain the cleanliness of the outside environment. Therefore, the behavior of throwing things in chaos is also a manifestation of lack of responsibility.

    It is necessary to discover the phenomenon of lack of responsibility for the child in time and find some behaviors of the child in time. In fact, the appearance of some behaviors of the child shows that the child's sense of responsibility is lacking. The sense of responsibility is knowing that the weak parents need to understand from these behaviors that they realize the children behind the child. Development. As parents, we must know how to cultivate their children's sense of responsibility in their lives, let their children learn to bear their own responsibilities, become a responsible child, and responsible children can go further and grow in future growth, grow up, grow up More excellent.

  3. Just because the child's thoughts are relatively simple, they can always bring happiness because of the presence of small animals, so they especially like to feed small animals, and they also like to play with small animals.

  4. Curious, children have a lot of curiosity about small animals, and they want to take care of it, so that they can also cultivate children's sense of responsibility.

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