The old man walked by the old man in the 6th year was fluttered by the pet dog. Do you think should strictly control the pets that are raised?

5 thoughts on “The old man walked by the old man in the 6th year was fluttered by the pet dog. Do you think should strictly control the pets that are raised?”

  1. With the development of society and economy, many people's living standards generally have greatly improved, and they also pursue a high -quality life experience. Therefore, in many communities, we can frequently see that some residents have pet dogs, and often bring them with Pet dogs take a walk everywhere to pass your boring time.
    Pet dogs fluttered the sixty -year -old man. Recently, a woman took two pet dogs to walk in the community, and one of the larger dogs fluttered to the 60 -year -old man on the side of the road. At that time, the old man only felt pain in his stomach. After checking the stomach, no trauma was found, and he did not go to the hospital for further examination. Later, the reporter interviewed the dog owner. The lady said that her dog usually did not rush to strangers. When she took the dog downstairs to take a walk and prepare to go home, she thought that there were no one around them, so she put the dog's rope growing. a little. I never thought that the dog suddenly ran back to the passers -by. The lady said that she remembered what happened that day and made her feel a little scared.
    The petal and promotional columns in the community and the promotional columns are posted with relevant tips on civilized dogs. However, many owners in the community told reporters that there are often uncivilized dog raising behaviors in the community. For example, dogs do not hold ropes and urinate anywhere. The person in charge of the property management department of the community also said that in the community, the community pet hospital will be invited to come to the pet translator's publicity activities, and a civilized dog -raising group is also established in the community.
    In general, for everyone's safety, it is still necessary to strictly control the pets of home support. When you take a pet to walk, you cannot relax your vigilance. At the same time, you must be civilized to raise pets. Do not let your pets urinate anywhere, nor should you let go of the pet's reins. This can easily attack people to avoid causing safety accidents. Especially for some large -scale vicious dogs with strong aggressiveness, it should be more safer. For home -raising pets, it is necessary to be immune to regularly, so as to bring a better life experience.

  2. It should be controlled. Such a large dog is far away from others. It is terrible if pulling out and walking out. Some dogs are raised only to recognize that family members are fierce and easy to cause bad results.

  3. When you ask this sentence, you have already shown your attitude. Since he has the behavior of hurting people, it should be strictly controlled by the pets that are raised and preventing such things from happening again.

  4. I think it should be very strictly controlled by home -raising pets, because in recent years, there are many incidents of evil dogs hurting people. For the safety of others, we need to strictly control the pets of home support.

  5. I think it should still be strictly controlled and can be fed casually when raising animals at home. But when you are outside, you still need to tie the dog chain at any time

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