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  1. The specific method is as follows:

    (1) The dog should call the police immediately after being lost.

    It the police station in the part to tell them in detail: where the dog variety, age, is lost.

    (2) Make a dog -seeking notice.

    The content includes: the short process of the dog's loss, the approximate position when the loss, the name, variety, size, hair color, appearance of the dog How about the host's contact phone number and remuneration.

    (3) Posted a dog -seeking notice around the community.

    It the best communities nearby are pasted and pasted to a conspicuous place, such as the entrance of the staircase, the elevator door, and the gate of the community.

    (4) Go to major pet websites (or pet QQ groups) to send dog notice posts.

    The content is the same as the dog search.

    (5) Go to the pet shops and pet hospitals to post dog notice.

    because many people who pick up dogs may not be raised by themselves, although I do n’t know what kind of dogs are,

    , but I probably know that it is a pet dog, then it is very likely that it is very likely Send or sell to pet shops and pet hospitals.

    (6) Search for urban management and street offices.

    Then because the dog is wandering, it is likely to be temporarily collected by the city management and street office as a stray dog.

    It, especially large and medium -sized dogs, because large and medium -sized dogs are generally dare not catch because of prevention when they are wandering on the street,

    can only dare to catch urban management.

    (7) Considering the newspaper search, because these newspapers are more (there are certain costs).

    (8) Considering the local television broadcast dog search for finding, the ratings are high, and the opportunity to retrieve is greater (there is a certain fee).

    (9) Mobilize relatives and friends to squat at the flower and bird market everywhere.

  2. 1. Make full use of the power of the network. On social platforms such as friends circle, Weibo, QQ group and other social platforms, they have released dog findings. Forum and post: Pet forum, variety forum, local regional forum; QQ group sending dog revelation: regional groups, regional pet groups, and regional pet product groups. The information is king. To collect information as much as possible, the more you know, the more the initiative can be in your own hands. Within a few hours of loss, you can retrieve the golden time of the dog. You must act as soon as possible and collect the loss clues quickly.

    2. Although it will cost a certain amount of money, it is worth it to find a pet. Put advertisements and distribution leaflets in places with large traffic in dog markets and surrounding pet shops and community stations, property management centers.

    3. Mobilize all monitoring that can be viewed.

    4. After losing the dog, quickly go to the major pet trading markets, pet chain shops and other places,

    5. The last method is the most relaxed, scientific and effective Method, smart pet positioner. Wearing a Pets of the Aeon Guardian Pets for Dogs, you can locate the dog's real -time location at any time, and you can quickly find it if you lose it.

  3. This probability is really not big! But things are artificial!

    First of all, when the dog was walking, it was thrown away by itself, or was it deliberately stolen?

    If it is stolen, go to the nearby dog ​​market or the place where the dog collects.

    If when it is walking the dog, chasing other dogs to play and throw away, the probability of finding it is mostly. Look for!

    It, post it in the local post, or post in the same city forum to ask for help ...

    In short, things are artificial, please do your best! I wish the baby go home early! Intersection

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