1 thought on “How can you find the dog if you lose it?”

  1. 1. After the dogs are lost, they should immediately report to the police station that the police (of course, try to say that their dogs are stolen, so that no matter what they get the dog, they must pay the owner for free. Hehe) Tell them in detail. Dog variety, age, where to lose (it is best to apply for a certificate when the dog is hugged home, and give the dog a hukou, so it is convenient to file the case)
    2, make a dog search notice notice Posts (the content includes: the short process of the dog's loss, the approximate orientation when the loss, the name, variety, size, hair color, appearance characteristics, positive and side photos of the dogs, how can the owner contact the phone, how to pay) r) r) r) r)
    3. Posted a dog -seeking notice around the community. It is best to stick to the communities nearby and stick it to a conspicuous place. Copy dozens of copies)]
    4, go to the major pet websites (or pet QQ groups) to send dogs to find stickers, the content is the same as the dog finding notes.
    5, go to the pet shops and pet hospitals to post dog notice. Because many people who pick up dogs may not raise themselves. Although they do n’t know what kind of dogs are, they probably know that they are pet dogs, it is very likely to be sent or sold to pet shops and pet hospitals.
    6. Looking at the urban management and street offices, because if a dog is wandering, it is likely to be temporarily collected by the city management and street office as a stray dog ​​(especially large and medium -sized dogs, because large and medium -sized dogs are in large and medium -sized dogs in Passers -by when the street is wandering, and passersby generally dare not catch because of the prevention of psychology, but only the urban management dares to catch it).

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