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  1. First of all, everyone should be clear that cats are bitten by mosquito, like humans, and the ability of hair resistance to the body is weak. Moreover, cats are more resistant to human beings than humans. If they are bitten by too much text, the body content is prone to a parasite called the heartworm. It is a great harm to cat health.

    The product mosquito coils of chemical mosquito repellent, electric mosquito, mosquito fragrance slices, mosquito repellent spray, mosquito repellent water and coating agent used in daily families. Their main chemical components are the main chemical components of mosquito, mosquito ester, Ekaridine, lemon eucalyptus leaf oil, and chrysanthemum compounds. Among them, chrysanthemum -type compounds have the best effects, and are the main components of most mosquito coils and mosquito coils. But chrysanthemum components are very harmful to cats.

    The chrysanthemum compounds have certain toxicity to mammals. After absorbing chrysanthemum compounds, humans and dogs such as dogs and dogs have a glycotenase in the body that can be decomposed into harmless substances through liver metabolism. However, it is not so friendly for cats. Due to the small cat individuals and the particularity of the body structure, cats do not have the ability to decompose chrysanthemum compounds. For cats, chrysanthemum is fatal neurotoxin. Toxins accumulate in the cat's body, damage the nervous system of the brain, and cause organ failure.

    The manifestations of cat chrysanthemum poisoning include: drooling, physical imbalance, excessive excitement, twitching and shaking, vomiting and diarrhea, reduced body temperature, and even acute poisoning death.

    So what is the correct way for cats to repel mosquitoes

    The suggests to use physical mosquito repellent methods or use chrysanthemum mosquito repellent products as much as possible.

    . Mosquito net

    The mosquito net is the most harmless and environmentally friendly mosquito repellent tool, but beware of cats as toys.

    . Electric mosquito shots

    In the windows are equipped with screens, in fact, the room cannot enter too much mosquitoes. Use an electric mosquito to pat the mosquito clean before going to bed, so that it is harmless to the cat.

    . Electric mosquito liquid

    has some electric mosquito liquids on the market, especially the content of chrysanthemums in the electric mosquito liquid used for infants and young children is already very low. Essence There is almost no harm to the cat.

    . Mosquito repellent flower dew water

    is more friendly for cats for cats. Mosquito repellent liquids and mosquito repellent flowers on the skin or clothing, cats inhale or lick a small amount of mosquito repellent products containing mosquitors containing mosquitors, usually do not cause any symptoms. Of course, this can only be said that the mosquito repellent product of the avoidance of mosquitoramine is not toxic for cats, and it cannot be said that it has no harm at all. However, studies have shown that the amount of mosquito amine oral intakes can cause cats to death when it reaches 40 to 80 ml/kg. Cats will basically not happen to drink a small bottle of flower dew. (Unless your cat has a special hobby for flower dew water)

    The ultraviolet electrical mosquito lamp on the market is not ideal for mosquito killing effects, and mosquitoes are based on the carbon dioxide breath from the human body to find the goal to find the goal. , Not pure light. In addition, when killing mosquitoes, a strong current is used. If the grid is large, the cat is curious to touch the grid, and it will also cause irreparable damage to the cat.

  2. Hi, shit officer! This is everyone's pet. I hope the answer of the little pet will help you:
    The summer day is here, and mosquitoes suddenly have more. In order to prevent mosquito bite, many people have started using mosquito coils or electric mosquito coils, but This has become a problem for a pet -raising family. "Mosquito coils are poisonous to cats and dogs, and they can poison them." The pets are convinced of this sentence, so some shoveling officers would rather be bitten by mosquito and are unwilling to use mosquito coils.
    But the result of this is that the mosquitoes at home will gather together to open the "party", a meal with a meal on you, and then buzzing in your ears that make people sleep well. Is it really necessary to use mosquito coils for pet -raising families? Is mosquito coils really reaching the point where it makes people talk about? Today, the little pet will talk about the cats and dogs and mosquito coils with everyone.

    1. Can't really use mosquito coils after raising pets?
    Most mosquito coils contain "XXX chrysanthemum" mosquito repellent components. In addition to eliminating mosquitoes, this ingredient also has a certain killing effect on flies, ants, flea, moths and other insects. effect. So why is the chrysanthemums in mosquito coils that are said to have drugs for cats and dogs?
    Generally speaking, chrysanthemums are harmless to humans, and at the same time, it is not much harmful to some mammals and birds. However, cats and dogs lack a substance called "glucosalin -based metastases". After cats and dogs are inhaled too much chrysanthemum, poisoning will occur. Little pet still remembers that in everyone's pets, a shoveling officer and a dog sleep in a room, and at the same time click on mosquito coils. After sleeping, they suddenly found that the dog lying on the floor and starting to spit the foam .. .

    of course, aside from the influence of dosage, how many concentrations of chrysanthemum can cause cat poisoning? Pet doctor believes that dogs can withstand the concentration of chrysanthemums within 60%, but the concentration higher than 1.7%for cats will threaten it.

    So when we choose mosquito coil products, it is best to observe how much the chrysanthemum content is, but the general mosquito coil products will be controlled by 1%. After the mosquito coils are ignited, after the air is played (without closed doors and windows), less chrysanthemums sucked in cats and dogs will be less.
    In addition, mosquito coils also contain Deet (Miramine). This substance is similar to the chrysanthemum.

    2, how to use mosquito coils is safer?
    First of all, if there are kittens puppies, old cats and old dogs, and cats and dogs are sick, the little pet is not recommended to use mosquito coils. In these cases, cats and dogs have weak metabolic ability to produce toxins in mosquito coils.
    Secondly, when using mosquito coils, it is best to keep a ventilation state. If you turn on the air conditioner, you do n’t need to use mosquito coils, because the air conditioner itself can be deworming. Ventilation can avoid excessive accumulation of chrysanthemums in the room. Can dilute concentration.
    Finally, if you rest with cats and dogs in a room, then the shovel officer should not use mosquito coils for a long time. Generally, it is a better choice to turn off at 2 hours before bedtime.
    3. Other mosquito repellent methods for cat -raising families
    But in case, small pets are still not very recommended to use mosquito coils at home. In fact, there are many ways to try mosquitoes.
    1) Installing screens, opening air conditioning
    This is the most effective and most comfortable method of mosquito repellent. The Vajra net is installed on the window. Cats are running. When sleeping, the air conditioner is regular. After the indoor temperature is reduced, the frequency of mosquitoes will be greatly reduced.
    2, mosquito nets
    mosien net is also a good choice to prevent mosquito bites, but some cats and dogs like to grab the mosquito net, so the shovel officer consider choosing.
    3, electric mosquito shot
    The electric mosquito beats can be described as a mosquito -killing tool. It shakes a few times in the house. A few viasmine mosquitoes are eliminated and it seems that there are no other shortcomings.
    5. Pet mosquito coils
    The mosquito coils on pets are also harmless to pets on the market, but safety is not known. It is recommended to pay attention to how much the content of chrysanthemum and deet when choosing.
    At the end, the little pet still emphasized a sentence, that is, aside from the dosage to talk about harm, that is, a hooligan, an irresponsible manifestation. Generally speaking, the use of mosquito coils in a short time does not cause any danger to cats and dogs. If you are really not assured, try other methods of mosquito repellent!

  3. Cats at home can use mosquito coils specially prepared for pets, or mosquito mosquitoes can be used to extinguish mosquitoes. If you are not afraid of trouble, you can use hands to destroy mosquitoes.

  4. What can cats can be used in the family to use cats and cats can be used. Mosquito coils or electric mosquito coils to extinguish mosquito do not spray disinfection solution.

  5. If you raise cats at home, I think you can use that kind of um, such as electric mosquito shoots or mosquito nets to prevent mosquito electric mosquitoes, which can eliminate mosquitoes.

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