4 thoughts on “How to raise cats at home”

  1. Do not use mosquito -repellent products such as mosquito coils, mosquito coils, mosquito coils, insecticidal qi fog agents, etc., these are poisonous to cats.
    It is recommended to buy some stimulating small electric mosquito liquids. The content of chrysanthemums is already very low, and it has little harm to the cat. In addition, electric mosquito shoots and mosquito -extinguishing lamps are relatively safe physical mosquito repellent tools. The most traditional mosquito -repellent artifact of mosquito nets must not say more, safe, effective! However, you need to bear the risk of being destroyed by the cat master.

  2. If you raise a cat to repel, you can buy some mosquito coils. You can order one every night. You can reasonably repel mosquitoes, or install a screen window on the window, and install a gauze net at the door to reasonably organize mosquitoes into the room. If there are still mosquitoes, It is recommended to spray the room with insecticides every day. The effect of mosquito removal may be better. In short, you can hang mosquito nets by yourself. You can order mosquito coils. Whether it is physical or chemical means that they can be reasonable and scientifically repelled.

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