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  1. However, chrysanthemum compounds are toxic, and cats do not have the ability to metabolize chrysanthemids like humans. If family mosquito repellent uses chrysanthemum ingredients for a long time, it will damage its brain nerves over time and cause organs to fail.
    The serious may even cause death! Cats may also be acute poisoning.
    So carefully choose when buying mosquito repellent products, especially the cat -raising family.

    Can I use it?
    The careful pet owner noticed that the chrysanthemum ingredients were discharged, and many of the remaining products were Miramine.
    Themine -removing mixture is more used in spray liquids, as well as flower dew water necessary for every family! It is lower than that of chrysanthemum. For cats, the toxicity of avoiding mihoamine is indeed much lower.

    but a lot of low does not mean that there is no toxicity at all. However, according to the National Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) evaluation, the "is almost non -toxic to mammals" and believe that it can be used for cats.
    For the present, there are no cases that cause poisoning due to inhalation and licking a small amount of mihine. Pay attention to a small amount, mosquito repellent water with mosquitoramine, or try not to use a large amount of cats. ?? Try to put this kind of flower dew as much as possible, do not let cats take it by mistake.
    but the daily use of shovel officers is completely fine!

    How to safely repel mosquitoes in summer?
    Human wisdom is endless. In addition to chemical mosquito repellent products, we can also choose natural physics!
    The mosquito windows are essential, and cats raising families cannot be absent. Those who have the conditions for mosquito nets can also be purchased, giving you a reason to lie down in peace. There is also a cat's mosquito repellent lamp that Hanwei once made, or when no one is at home, you can open it in the room to attract mosquitoes and kill mosquitoes.
    It, you can also buy electric mosquitoes! This kind of active physical weapon is very lethal, and you need you to run to run, and you are not afraid of the cat to touch the electric shock ~
    and if your cat is not so sensitive to the smell, you can choose to buy some some Mosquito repellent essential oils of natural ingredients, such as lemon eucalyptus leather leather leaves.

    Moshow to prevent mosquitoes?
    If the cats and dogs are in the room, there is a point that you need to remember: dogs are not afraid of chrysanthemums, and even some of their insect -repellent products also contain chrysanthemums.
    Therefore, it is very important to buy insect -repellent medicines that do not contain chrysanthemums and have mosquito repellent effects.

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