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  1. Samoyed dogs (details introduction)
    because of the lively and cuteness of the dog, clever and well -behaved, the dogs can bring a lot of happiness to humans, so in addition to bringing happiness, it can bring happiness, so What are the benefits of human beings?
    1 1. You can cultivate children's love: care about small animals and care for small people, which is originally a virtue advocated by humans. If the family not only cares about children, children also have the object of concern, so that children can cultivate children's love from childhood.
    2. It can replace the spouse: Although the husband is not at home, he is so panicked. Fortunately, there are dogs accompanied by a dog; and dogs do not smoke, do not have long foot, do not think you are fat; ; You don't have to worry about the problem of mother -in -law and mother -in -law with its mother; you can be flattered for it to eat it; it's boring, it is also willing to walk with you and go shopping. In short, there are more dogs than having a husband.
    3. You can find a good entrusted word for rejection: said to those colleagues who love meals that our cats are in trouble, and they are grasped at first sight. Others must not dare to eat food again when they hear it.
    4. You can contact your feelings: When the pet is not strictly, you can run out. Once you run, you can find the yard and the corridor to find it home from house to house. Take a walk in the community and often encounter other people walking dogs. You can take the time to communicate.
    5. It can be regarded as children: Pets and children have the same wonderful work, covering, drinking, pulling, pulling, sprinkling, sleeping, etc., in addition to not expecting it to go to college and support the elderly.
    6. You can enjoy the eyes: When you are in a bad mood, you can see your favorite pets, and then make a laughed by their heads. Do you feel better?
    7. You can test your patience: In order to change the bad habits that they like to urinate, catch sofas, and yell late at night, you must be patient with patience, just like training yourself.
    8. You can talk to it: Professional psychologists agree with raising pets because pets can reduce their outpatient burden. When you need to cry and the psychological clinic is too expensive, pets are your best targets. Although they will not comfort you and will not provide you with treatment plans, there is a companion who speaks better than.
    9. It can be appreciated: Since there are pets for playing, there are pets for selling. Some dogs have sold more than 300,000, and a bird also broke the record of 100,000 yuan. Although the money is now depreciated, there are still many people who are engaged in this way. Who can say that this is not a reason to raise pets. Intersection
    10. It can enhance psychological tolerance: No, it brings a soil worm, placed on the pillow. Such gifts can be received almost every day: stinky sister, earthworms, sparrows, and horrible mouse tails. This kind of love from nature is really harmful, but it is interesting.
    11. You can see the door: The dog is very sensitive to the sound, especially the sound of strangers. When your family meets the thief, the owner has not had time to find out. Scared away the thief.

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