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  1. 1. Don't feed dog milk powder. Dog milk and milk are different in ingredients, and some places are just the opposite. If the dog's stomach is weak, it is easy to cause diarrhea or vomiting.
    2. Basic feeding guidelines for dogs:
    . You cannot take a bath and bend within 20 days of just change the environment.
    . You can't drink milk for two months at home.
    . Within two months of home, it is advisable to eat porridge -shaped food or dry food with water. Other foods often cause indigestion, dilute, etc., so do not let your dog eat.
    . Fed the dog food 4 times a day. If you feed the unclear, look at the dog to eat. When the dog's belly is bulging, it will be removed immediately. Next time, 80%of the part of the part of the dog will be removed. Remember to eat it with hot water and eat it before you eat it. Do not eat more and randomly. If you want to add nutrition to the dog, you can add a cooked egg yolk every day. Remember that an egg yolk should be fed three times.
    . Do not feed the puppy's too cold or overheated food, which will cause damage to the puppy's mouth.
    6. Don't give puppies to spoiled and rotten foods.
    Seven. Should be thrown away the remaining dog food for each meal. It is best to wash the basin of the food for each feeding, so as to prevent dilute or food poisoning.
    8. Do not treat cat food as dog food, because the protein contained in cat food is too high.
    . Do not disturb it when puppy eats, otherwise it will become very nervous in the future.
    This, the water should be sufficient, prepare a clean container, do not feed raw water, let the boiling water cool down, and keep changing fresh water, do not change the water for a few days. Let the dog drink water freely.
    eleven. When the dog is 21 days, we need to do insect deworming, but it may be eaten by dogs when we don't pay attention, and 99%will have "worms"! So remember to "repeat" it again, otherwise, the terrible consequences of "turning the intestines" will inevitably occur! Method of insect repellent: Go to the pharmacy to buy a generation of "Levocular Found", once every half a month, 3 days each time, half a day a day. Feed! For 2 consecutive months.
    This, puppies are afraid of cold, so whether it is winter or summer, pay attention to the warmth of puppies. Don't let the puppies' abdomen for a while, so that it is easy to cool down, causing dilute or cold.
    It, do not meet its requirements because puppies begging you food, which will make it develop bad problems, and puppies will be overweight quickly. Eat in its bowl. You should also teach puppy to learn to sit waiting for food, and you can start eating only with the permission of the owner.

  2. One month is really a wife for you who haven't raised dogs! Intersection
    If for him, you can say that the focus may be terrible! Just wait for him to get 1 and a half months after a vaccination!
    The most insurance is that 3 stitches and six united vaccines have been played for a few days!
    The body with antibodies is okay!
    It whether it is brought back to change the environment is easy to have problems! And now the purebred dog's body is too delicate! Not what you can cope!
    If he hurts him for his own happiness, wouldn't he kill!
    . The puppy just changed the environment. When you go to a new place, you must not take a bath or go out. Only give warm water soaked dog food! Feed the amount of feeding on the edge of the dog food bag! If you feed less, you will get sick if you feed too much!
    It milk and meat must not be eaten! Whether it is a puppy or not, there are still a lot of things! Chocolate onion and so on! There is information on the Internet! Check yourself!
    In 7 days, it is safe and sound (the nose is wet and cool, and the spirit is good), hurry up to the regular hospital to get the first needle vaccine! A total of 3 stitches in the first year, about 20 days between each needle! During this period, we must follow the "Three Can't" mentioned before! After 3 stitches, the body has antibodies in a few days, and you can take a bath slowly. When you go out, pay attention to keep warm!
    Inned for dog food for health! The best is natural food! Remember that doting is not love!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe number of dog feeding that just the full moon is different from the individual differences between weaning puppies. It is the most appropriate to feed 4 to 6 times a day. The method of weaning dog food is to add a lot of warm water to puppies and dog food to make dried dogs softened. Use a small spoon to crush the dog food, and then add some dogs to the powder to supplement a large amount of calcium. Stir gently into a paste, and the delicious weaned dog food is made. In fact, the dogs who are just full of full moon suggest that you use puppies and dog food. If the dog is too small, you can use dog milk powder to feed the puppy. Add a little lactase to the milk powder to prevent him from changing the food and not adapt to diarrhea. Slowly, let's go again. Add dog food to milk. Do not use milk. Milk usually drinks diarrhea when drinking, which will cause dehydration. During this period, some "Michala" can be prepared at home to prevent puppy diarrhea and indigestion. Dogs that just full moon can be fed for any food. Foods suitable for puppies include puppies special dog food and canned food, puppy milk powder, egg yolk, and meat. However, when feeding puppies Part, because fat is easy to deteriorate. But to feed them, don't feed raw meat. 2. The foods that are not suitable for feeding dogs just full moon are: frozen milk, containing large amounts of fat meat, sour, spicy, salty and other irritating foods, pastries, chicken liver and other poultry internal organsnHope to solve the problem for you, welcome your consultation

  4. The dog adapts to your home for a week. If you are in a good body, you can get an injection
    . Just when you arrive at the new home, you may feel afraid of
    when you sleep at night, it is best to let him see where you can see you
    This will be better
    otherwise it will not be able to stand it
    because you will think of your mother
    It, it is best to feed skimmed milk powder
    Give him
    , you can also use milk powder to soak dog food
    The dog
    one meal to feed about thirty grains. n, otherwise it is easy to have gastrointestinal diseases
    general dogs will be pulled in about half an hour after eating
    Is you should pay attention
    Such a small dog
    It don't need to be too anxious
    because the dog is still small

    and so on. Can't take it out
    Net must be taken out all the vaccines. n, I hope the dog can bring you happiness o (∩_∩) o ...

  5. If you breastfeed directly
    , you don't need to feed the water
    It if you must feed
    , fix the water cup
    Wet places
    Chat eczema
    In the dry drinking sanitary sanitary
    best to change the paper every day
    It also needs to be in the nest for a long time
    It comes out
    do not let the dogs urinate in it
    In the milk powder can not satisfy the dog
    Mi Fan
    Nestle noodles
    then you can
    do not give too much
    It some liquid calcium in milk
    R n Either you add some rice noodles
    corn surface can also
    to make it thicker and let it lick and eat
    steaming some corn noodles is softened or
    do not give salty things
    Do not drink raw milk
    In this way, the dog's fur is very good
    mades to let the dog bask in the sun
    mart exercise
    45 days, you can vaccinate the first needle

    to avoid dogs from cold
    . It is best not to let it contact other dogs
    to avoid infecting diseases
    Don't give the dog too much

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