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  1. The puppy that is just born one month needs to maintain the room temperature at about 24 ° C, and the breeding nest should be surrounded by fabrics. The puppy can start using goat milk for some breast milk for one month, and adapting to make the weaning more smoothly in advance. When the puppy weighs less than 1 kg, it is not possible to feed other foods directly. You can crush the milk cake grain into powder water and adjust it to a paste and feed it for 2 months.
    The feeding method of a month puppy
    Ploppy puppies born for a month are relatively poor. Under the care of the bitch, you need to keep the indoor temperature. Wind blowing causes a cold, especially at night at night, and doors and windows need to be closed.

    In 40 to 60 days after the birth of the puppy is breastfeeding. During this period, their diet is mainly breastfeeding breast milk. When the puppy reaches 30 days, she can replace some dog mothers' milk. It can be adapted in advance, and weaning will be easier.

    In month puppy if you need to wait until 40 to 60 days old, you can transform the dog's diet from pets -milk powder to puppies that are leaving. Grain is usually recommended to crush milk cake food into powder water and feed it.

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