1 thought on “How to raise dog feeding methods for dogs just full moon”

  1. 1. Normal dogs weaned after 45 days of age. For a monthly age dog, breastfeeding is required or sheep milk powder is mainly fed every two hours. The amount of feeding can be fed according to the recommended amount on the packaging box of goat milk powder. Because the dog of the year old has grown up A little teeth, so you can feed the milk cake with goat milk powder, which can increase the dog's satiety and reduce the consumption of goat milk powder.

    If dogs at the age of 2 and January are very weak for self -insulation, so you need to pay attention to thermal insulation. You can prepare a suitable warm kerilion for dogs. In the cold winter, you may need to choose some insulation Products, such as hot water bottle, insulation pads. Because the dogs are still small and their physique is also very weak, it is not recommended to take a bath and socialize for dogs. When a dog is 45 days old, you can vaccinate vaccine to prevent infectious diseases under health.

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