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  1. Dog cough is likely to be caused by sputum in the throat. Eating cough syrup can easily achieve the purpose of phlegm and cough. When the situation is serious, you can also eat some amoxicillin. However, if cough syrup and amoxicillin cannot effectively alleviate the dog cough, you need to try to feed dietary hydrochloride.
    1, cough syrup

    This dogs and cough may be caused by sputum in the throat. At this time, you can drink some baby dose -cough syrup appropriately to achieve phlegm Purpose. But it is best to use pet cough medicine for pets and pay attention to dosage.
    2, amoxicillin

    The dogs keep coughing, which is likely to be caused by a viral cold. At this time, you can give them some amoxicillin appropriately. If the symptoms are significantly relieved, continue to consolidate the feeding medicine for 3 to 5 days, otherwise they will seek medical treatment immediately. In addition, when feeding Amoxilin, you must choose the beast version and pay attention to the proportion.
    3, hydrochloride

    The dogs have a serious cold. After eating amoxicillin, it is still ineffective. Cold sneezing and runny nose, but not with canine plague, it is likely to be caused by chlamydia infection. At this time, you can feed 3 to 4 days of hydrochloride. If it is effective, continue to feed for about 15 days.

  2. After taking the medicine, the dog will not stop the cough immediately. The good medicine is likely to have side effects. The dog cough is best to eat these medicines:

    1 , Cold agent. If it is not serious, give it a pack of cold granules, and the dogs are specially relieved of cough medicines. You can buy it at a pet shop or pet hospital.

    2. anti -inflammatory drugs. It can clear heat and detoxify, Xinliang relieving, cough and asthma, clearing the lungs and expectorant, with antibacterial antiviral effects, anti -inflammatory and swelling, improving pet disease resistance, relieving bronchial spasm caused by various reasons, to reduce qi and asthma. Lift the symptoms of breathing difficulties.

    3, cough medicine. Cough can be dissolved in a piece of syrup in a bottle of syrup. After shaking it, take half to a tablespoon for the dog. The cough effect is good.

    This medicine can effectively relieve the pain of dog cough. After a period of time, it will not cough again.

  3. What kind of medicine is good for puppies to cough and get sick? Don't let it be good. You need to apply the right medicine to the right. Thank you.

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