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  1. Small and sticky pets
    small and sticky pets, cute appearance, delicate appearance, sticky personality, they usually like to run around at home, brave and smart, but smart, but They have a strong possessiveness to the owner, which will always feel that you are needed at all times, so what are the small and sticky pets except Chihuahua.
    small and sticky pets with sticky pets and small pets that are raised without noise, generally include cats, dogs, hamsters, chinchillas, lizards, etc. Among them Ear cats, Copanis roll cats, beautiful short, English short, Siamese cats, Persian cats, etc.

    . The dogs are more sticky and quiet. Generally, there are Bear, Fa Dou, Sherry, Bay, Teddy, etc. Everyone is very kind and friendly, and it is very simple to raise.

    This hamster, chinchilla, golden bears, Dutch pigs, small incense pigs, lizards, honey bags, etc. are all sticky pets, and they are very small and can be directly put into large pockets. The kind of one can usually let go and play freely, and it is generally not screaming.
    Small and sticky pets 2 1. Pet mink: Pet mink is a very smart and lovely pet mink. It is tamed and obedient, smart and lively. In the arms of people, at the same time, it can coexist with other pets such as cats and dogs. It needs to sort out mink hair and toys often, and the indoor temperature should not be too high.
    2. Husky: "Two Ha" will be self -cooked to anyone, no aggressiveness, very friendly to people, also known as "Demolition Office Director", is a natural enemy of various furniture. It has a unique expression. One of the reasons why people like it, feeding dog food is the main.
    3. Samoyed: "Smile Angel" Samoyed, with a white hair, noble, elegant, cute, gentle, very close to the owner, not timid people, you can let him remember through repeated training Some gestures and actions.
    4. Bomei: Pomeranian is a small dog, which is similar to Samoyed on the outside. It mainly includes white, black and coffee brown. It is petite and cute, smart, and obedient. It will often drop hair and need to clean up frequently.
    5. Teddy: Teddy is a "lady dog", long curly hair, drooping with a fan, short hind feet, unhappy running, excellent personality, elegant behavior, white or yellow Teddy Also need to clean the hair frequently.

    6. Chihuahua: Chihuahua is one of the oldest dogs and the smallest dogs. With the petite body and sticky personality, they are widely popular. They do not need too much exercise every day. The hair is short and does not often lose hair. You can help him wear some clothes to come to winter.
    7. Puppet cats: also known as "Brador", a hybrid pet cat, with large eyes and round heads, after being hairy, the limbs are full of fleshy, and they are the largest and heaviest cats of the body. First, the personality is docile and quiet, and it will turn around the owner. The hair loss of the puppet cat is not very serious.
    8. Labrado dog: Labrador's short hair is easy to take care of. They are lively and active, very friendly to people, loyal masters, obedience to command. And there is no prejudice to new things, high energy focuses on people's attention and response, and can be trained very high.

    This obedience and training high, so they have always been regarded as the most popular and trustworthy family dogs.
    9. Golden Retriever retrieves dogs: Personal passion, police, self -confidence, running balance, naturally have the ability to retrieve prey. Its IQ is ranked fourth in dogs, which is very friendly to children and ***.
    The first name of the Golden Retriever recovered the dog was the Soviet -Russian tracking dog. Later, he was added to the Buddhist to find a prey dog ​​breed, seeking blood hunting dog breeds, and water hunting dog breeds. The result of the breeding produces the golden retrieved dog with the ability to retrieve the retrieved prey, and is good at tracking and keen smell.
    10. Princess rabbit: Princess rabbit is a more common pet rabbit with a slightly yellow fur, straight ears, cute and handsome looks, in the pet rabbit world, there are one of the best rabbits. lively.

    The intentions do not refer to princess, but the princess of the Western Regions passing by like this rabbit and named the princess rabbit.
    The princess rabbit is very good, and has a better survivability than other pet rabbits. After a period of time, it will have feelings with people. Rabbit is definitely the best choice.
    Small and sticky pet 3 1. Cat
    says that cats only have short -term memory, and some say that scientific data is 28 days, but because cats are one of the very common pets, high cold is the cold is the cold is the cold is the cold is the cold. One of the major features, and many people are willing to be shoveling officers, so people's senses about cats are still very good.
    2. Dog
    The first thought of a pet, the first thing to think of is the dog. Some people say that dogs do not recognize others, but to recognize their families. If you raise a dog, the dog thinks it is a member of your family. It treats each family member of you as its relatives. In this regard, it seems that no other animals cannot do it.

    3. Angulu pet mink
    This of pet marten started more than 200 years ago, but in 3000 BC, Egypt has already appeared in marten. To this day, it has become the third largest pet under the cat for dogs and cats.
    Especially in the United States, Europe, *** and other countries, mink raising has formed a fashion trend. Now, there are 8.5 million people in the United States that have pet mink, and the wave of mink has drifted across the sea to Asia. ***, South Korea, and Taiwan have already become popular.

    In ***, the annual amount of pet mines has reached 20,000. Not only does the mink have their own clubs, but also a pet marten Olympic Games.
    4. Parrot
    The sun cone tail parrot (scientific name: ARATINGA) is a typical climbing poultry. The bird's beak is strong and powerful, the beak hook, the upper jaw has active joints, and the base of the beak has waist film. The muscles are thick. The feet are short, powerful, and the toe shape, the two toes are forward, two toes, and they are suitable for grasping and climbing life.
    The parrot feather birds are mostly golden yellow, with a little orange tone on the top of the head, the sides of the cheeks, the lower abdomen, and the back of the back. Mainly inhabits drought, semi -falling leaf broad -leaved forest and lush tropical rare tree grassland.
    The food is seeds, berries, fruits, nuts, insects, and larvae, which are usually pairs. During the reproduction period, small groups are distributed in Brazil and Guyana.
    Small and sticky pets 4 1, Eight Brother: It is both an important agricultural and forestry bird, but also a popular cage raising bird. It can imitate the tweeting of other birds, and can also imitate simple human language, and is widely raised in China.
    2. Angru Mink: The young marten is naughty and lively, and it is active. It can be domesticated, and IQ is higher than cats and dogs. The degree of cleverness is even equivalent to two and a half -year -old children. They can usually teach it to do many difficult movements.

    3. Honey pockets: small animals that can be kept in pockets. They are very sleepy and sticky. They can skate. They are called Pokemon. The honey bags are partially protruding, and it is easy to be injured. Pay attention to protecting the eyes of the small honey bag.
    4. Puppet cats: more docile and quiet, friendly to people, the most docile cat in the world, its beauty and elegance is very similar to the character of the dog, but also called "fairy cat", "puppy", "puppy" Cat".

    5. Hamsters: As long as you give the wood dander in the wood dander, there is no taste. It is humane. If you are familiar with, you will play with you without hurting you. It will not run out in the cage, small volume, easy to raise, not too much money.
    6. Turtles: There is no need to take care of it, and the disease resistance is strong. It is very suitable for office workers, and it doesn't matter if you forget to feed things. You can change some water every few days.

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