5 thoughts on “Can cats' frozen dried chicken people eat?”

  1. of course can. But there is no salt, no taste, not delicious. In addition, cats can be eaten in an emergency. Nutrition is enough.

  2. No, because this is completely customized according to the needs of cats. This cannot be eaten, because some microorganisms inside cannot meet this standard.

  3. In general, humans are rarely used by pets, but cats' frozen dried chicken remember to believe that people should also eat. Because he has been verified. There is no harm to pets.

  4. Hello, cats' frozen dried chicken, people are better not to eat, so as not to lose money. If you are lacking, you can pay a lot of frozen meat that buy people. There are a lot of pounds of 4-6 yuan per pound.

  5. Cats, this frozen -dried chicken you eat, in fact, people cannot eat, have no benefits of their bodies, so they ca n’t eat it.

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