5 thoughts on “What diseases do people who often have cats and dogs at home?”

  1. Those who often raise cats and puppies at home will definitely suffer from infection. Many young people now prefer to raise small pets. Especially when the pressure of work is relatively high, pets can bring the sustenance to the soul, and they will not make themselves feel very lonely. Pets will accompany themselves all the time, but people who have cats and puppies at home are also prone to some diseases. When raising these small pets, they must be careful, or pay attention to health. I hope that everyone should do a good job of hygiene and prevent diseases that pets bring to themselves.
    Is when bacterial infections are infected with small pets, the pet owner cannot avoid being very busy at work, so there is no way to take care of the puppy and kitten in time. After all, they are all small animals. There are many bacteria on their bodies. If they do not clean up in time, these bacteria will be brought to people. It is possible that these bacteria are fine in animals, but they can cause a cold in the human body, and even cause other complications, which will cause serious harm to the body.
    In the case of a child in the cat's family, the child's resistance is relatively weak. Cat's bacteria still need to be cleaned in time. Cat moss. Once a child is in contact with the kitten, it is easy to transmit to the child. Daily pets still pay more attention to the condition of the skin. If you find problems, you should find a veterinarian to solve it in time. Do not let these diseases over -over to children, and do not cause harm to humans.
    Buy when the rabies are sick at home, you should also pay attention to sanitation and safety. Many viruses are hidden in the dog's body. The virus will have a incubation period in the dog's body. Essence This is not only good for animals, but also to prevent the human body. If you are bitten at home or outside the puppy, you need to vaccinate in time, otherwise rabies are prone to rabies. I hope everyone should be careful when raising pets.

  2. It will suffer from cat moss and rabies, as well as toxoplasma, because cats are prone to parasites, and they will still be infected in the usual contact with cats. Directly infected people, usually cats and dogs should pay attention to cleaning and regular inspections.

  3. Eczema, allergic dermatitis, toxoplasma infections, intestinal diseases, immunity system diseases, respiratory diseases, bacterial infection diseases, virus infection diseases.

  4. These diseases are human infected with animals. Anyone has been sick, people have been passed, animals have not been sick, and people have to be over. Isn't it good for harmony and coexistence

  5. Is this my familiar? Isn't it a mania? I want to hold them every day, but yield to their innocent big eyes until they are used to

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