1 thought on “What can cats eat? Can I eat ham sausage?”

  1. First, cats cannot eat ham sausage. Most of the live legs are relatively salt. Cats cannot eat too much salt. In severe cases, it will threaten the cat's kidneys. Although cats like to eat meat, ham sausage is also meat products, but they can't give them.
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    , the ham sausage is not pure meat, it is made of most starch and small parts of the flesh, although there are many ham sausages proclaiming the legend of pure meat products , But the taste is also very salty. This high -salt food is not suitable for the cat.
    of course, you can buy the ham sausage specially used in pets. Such a relatively lower salt content is much lower, but it cannot ensure the proportion of pure meat in the ham sausage.
    It, the cat food of low salt should be eaten. Do not give cats to eat food. You must know that the food that people eat are too salty for cats.
    If, the cat's demand for salt is very small, and the cat's taste is poor. If you don't pay attention to your diet, you will often unknowingly consume too much salt. Excessive salt will cause cats to cause cats. The burden on the kidneys can also cause cats to dry hair and hair loss, hair loss and other phenomena.

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