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  1. Cats may be stinky, whether they eat too much or gastrointestinal discomfort, they may not pay much attention to it, but if you have the opportunity to smell the cat, you will find it really smelly. Stink, is it a problem with physical health or other reasons?
    . Digestion is the cause of the cat's stinky fart

    The gastrointestinal indigestion and disorders will put stinky farts, and the food that is eaten is related. The cat is a miscellaneous animal. Eat everything, you can eat meat or eat, and cats eat cat food. If the food is not clean and rotten, it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. If the gastrointestinal indigestion caused by the above reasons, the fart released by the cat will be very stinky, and the shoveling officer will be paid attention to.
    . Change the cat's diet structure and habits to prevent gastrointestinal disorders

    1, adjust the cat diet structure
    If you have problems with diet, you must change the cat's dietary structure in time. Do not feed cats and fish for cats for the time being, let alone eat dry cat food and metamorphic cat food for cats. Do not eat soy food for cats. Eating too much soy products will produce a lot of gas in the stomach and intestines.
    This can make some love cat rice for the cats at this time, such as cooking a little white rice porridge and mixing a small amount of cooked meat shreds. You can also give the cat a little yogurt and probiotic bacteria After the cat's gastrointestinal conditioning is adjusted, cats eat dry cat food.
    2, timely change the cat's dietary habits
    It cats must change the cat's diet and meal after farting phenomenon. Do not give the cat too much at a time. Any food and snacks other than eating cats can cause other symptoms if they cannot face the problem of cats.
    If the cat can be adjusted with diet only, but if there is vomiting and dilute, you must go to a regular pet hospital for treatment in time.

  2. Personally, cats always love to fart because of poor gastrointestinal digestion, but there may be other problems. The following analysis:
    The common interpretation of cat fart.
    The explanation is that cats are omnivorous animals, and there are many biomolecular molecules in the body, so the concentration of fart is very high and naturally does not make sounds.
    Cats are carnivores. Cats take a lot of protein in their daily diet. After metabolism, they produce odor -containing gas, so cats' fart is normal.
    If the gastrointestinal digestion, the fart will be more stinky, which is unhealthy. In short, because the cat's gastrointestinal digestion is not good, farting needs to immediately organize the cat's gastrointestinal and take measures to improve the cat's stinky fart.
    The other explanation is that the fart with high water content will not make a sound. The fart with high water content is long in the body and collects the water generated by various bacteria, so it will smell the fart.
    1. Cats have eaten too much
    . Every time your cat eats cat food, it says that it is fast, it will cause the cat's gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and fartting a lot.
    So the owner can control the cat's meal speed and buy a special cat plate!
    2, cats may have a fever
    . If your cat is sleeping, he often farts, the owner must be careful. Cats may be fever. It's time for cats to have a fever.
    This food in the body excessively fermentation reaction, increase the air volume fart!
    3. Eat foods that are easy to fart
    The owners often eat foods that are easy to fart, soybeans and sweet potatoes are foods that can cause cat fart.
    4. Cat digestion
    Cats are carnivores. Cats ingest a lot of protein in their daily diet. After metabolism, they produce odor -containing gas, so cats' fart is norm.
    If the gastrointestinal digestion, the farts will be more stinky and unhealthy. In short, because the cat's gastrointestinal digestion is not good, farting needs to immediately organize the cat's gastrointestinal and take measures to improve the cat's stinky fart.
    This fart is not a good thing. There are too many ordinary farts because of the uncomfortable gastrointestinal and intestines, and it is easy to put cat farts.
    Igly, it is recommended that the owner gives cat probiotics 2 to 3 times a week, regulate the stomach, promote digestion, absorption, and solve the problems of diarrhea and vomiting!
    5, the protein content is too high
    everyone knows that cats have great demand for protein, but the owner cannot choose cat food with a lot of protein content. Not only can it cause cats' fart, but it is too high to cause pancreas.
    I suggest that the owner chooses a suitable cat food for the cat. The protein content can be around 37 ~ 40.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, 1. Eat too fast: If the kitten eats too fast, it will eat a lot of gas to discharge from the gastrointestinal tract, and it may be stinky when it is discharged from the gastrointestinal tract. It may be better to control the diet of the kitten. 2. Food problem: You can try to change a brand of grain. Some ingredients contain can easily cause kittens to indigestion and stink. You can also feed the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal feeding drugs. 3. Insitive gastrointestinal function: If the kittens are normal except for stinking farts, mental appetite defecation is normal, this possibility is relatively low. Is there any serious disease in the small meat in the past? The damage is not fully recovered. If this is the case, we still suggest that the owner takes a cat to the hospital for examination. 4. Eat too much garbage food: such as snacks, cans. Don't think that buying snacks and cans for cats is the opposite. 5. Mao ball problem: too much hair, not vomiting in time, when the gastrointestinal damage causes the kitten fart, the kitten fart and smelly. Bacteria will produce excessive gas. Just like people, occasionally exhaust is normal, but if you fart too much or for a long time, it will have an impact on health.nHello, you can describe in detail what you need to consult here ~nI hope the above answers will help you ~ I wish you a happy life! If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~nMore 2nBleak

  4. Hi, shit officer! This is everyone's pet, I hope the answer of the little pet will help you:
    I don’t know that the shoveling officer has never encountered such a thing: suddenly smell a stinky fart, obviously there are no other people at home in the family, no one else in the family As long as the cats who are motionless are around, the cat sand pot has been cleaned up long ago. Where did this smell come from? Don't doubt that the taste is the fart that your cat just released.
    Why do cats fart and still smelly? What if a cat needs to pay attention to? Today we will talk about the cats of cats "stinky" ~

    1, yes, cats will fart
    The cats are not as loud as us (the little pet is not in the connotation Who), but also fart!
    1) What is fart
    Wen we call "fart" mainly refers to the gases gathered in the intestine. Cats and humans, when the intestine produces too much gas or flatulence, the gas will pass through the gase will pass through The intestinal peristaltic was transported to the anus, and finally it was discharged from the body through the "Chrysanthemum Avenue", and a fart was born.
    2) Why do cats fart

    The farts and smelly! (PS: What can I do, I have to be fainted every day)
    First of all, eat too fast to eat, cats eat too fast, and the food enters the intestine. Some of these gases will be discharged with the intestine, and sometimes it will be stinky;
    Secondly, eating too many high -fiber foods, although eating some high -fiber foods can help cats to stool, but if you eat too much, you can eat too much. It will make it difficult for cats to digest, causing the cat's intestinal tract to produce a variety of gases such as carbon dioxide, and finally formed farts;

    again, gastrointestinal function is chaotic. If this is the case, you must find a way to lax to the cat; in the end, the food suddenly changes, such as suddenly changing the cat's eating habits, such as what you should not eat or changing cat snacks.
    2, how to avoid cats' stinky farts?

    The above situations are the cause of the cat fart (and stinky). If the cat's body is normal but farted, there is generally no problem. Do:
    1) Proper feeding lactic acid bacteria
    In addition to providing sufficient and clean drinking water for cats every day, shoveling officers can also consider feeding cats to the cat , Balanced the intestinal flora, which has a certain effect on alleviating gastroenteritis and constipation.
    2) Eat less meals:
    do not feed too many foods for cats at one time. You should choose to eat less meals. This can slow down the cat's diet. Floating fart.
    3) Increase exercise:
    Whether the cat has constipation or whether to accompany the cat to increase the amount of activity, it can help improve its digestive problems. This is also a way to take effect at low cost.
    3. If these situations occur, you need to seek medical treatment
    Sometimes there is not necessarily a normal phenomenon. If the cat farts, the following situation occurs. It is best to take the cat to the hospital to check it.
    1) The problem of digestive system
    The abnormality of the cat digestive system is also the cause of the cat fart. Common digestive diseases are: inflammatory bowel disease; poor absorption; intestinal obstruction; gastrointestinal cancer, etc. These diseases usually require professional medical examinations to diagnose.
    2) Parasites
    Cats infected with parasites such as balls and tapeworms are also the cause of farting, especially a parasite called "fetal fur". Many, and it will be stinky.
    Most cats are quietly silent. If it is caused by certain diseases, the shoveling officer does not pay attention to it. If there are abnormal situations, you should contact the doctor in time.

  5. Reasons for stinky cats:
    1. Food reasons, such as high meat or oil content in food, it is recommended to replace cat food or reduce the amount of meat feeding; No, it may be the disorders of gastrointestinal flora. It is recommended to try probiotics for a period of time. If it is effective, it can feed probiotics for a long time;
    3. Finally, consider gastrointestinal inflammation. This situation needs to be based on cats. Select the right treatment plan for specific circumstances. If there is no abnormal stool, you can feed probiotics first.

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