1 thought on “What are the advantages of cats and dogs”

  1. In fact, of course, both animals are raised,
    depends on your character, because some people prefer the active pets, and they will definitely raise dogs, because dogs will be centered on everything. I always want you to play with it, but sometimes it makes people feel too enthusiastic, especially those who have not raised dogs, because I don’t know if it wants to kiss you or bite you. It is relatively quieter, and there are a lot of chasing you to let you play with it, but too many when you don't want to ignore it, it will not come to you first, it is better to take care of it. If you don't want to bother to teach it to go to the toilet, you can buy a bag of cat sand and cat sand pots. Cats are more clean animals than dogs. Most of the characters can only be pets. Many dogs can be used as gatekeepers, which can prevent thieves from patronizing ~
    and dogs can be brought out at night. You can know many friends who raise dogs. If the cat wants this way ~~ It would be difficult!

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