4 thoughts on “What should a cat take care of pancreatitis?”

  1. 1. Cats need to control the cat's diet while treating pancreatitis. Cats with pancreatitis must be absolutely prohibited.
    2. In the daily feeding process, we must comply with the principles of regular quantity and less high -fat foods. Low -fat diet is the key.
    3. Do a regular injection of the vaccine in a regular basis, conduct a physical examination on time, and try to minimize some factors that may induce acute pancreatitis.

  2. Cats get pancreatitis dry cats. How can I care about pancreatitis? Pancreatitis definitely needs to give him a drug cat to care for pancreatitis. I think cats have pancreatitis. I must have to give him a drug cat to care for pancreatitis. He performed drug treatment.

  3. Pancreatitis is divided into acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis. Among them, the clinical manifestations of acute pancreatitis are mainly non -specific symptoms such as depression and loss of appetite. Some cats will have vomiting and obvious abdominal pain. During the period, diarrhea, stool and blood. The characteristics of chronic pancreatitis are repeated attacks, persistent vomiting and abdominal pain. Chronic pancreatitis is occasionally seen in cats. The treatment principles of acute pancreatitis should first fast to avoid foods that stimulate the pancreas again, and at the same time use related drugs that inhibit pancreatic fluid secretion. Secondly, antibiotics should be given reasonably, controlling secondary infections and necessary symptomatic treatment. After cure, food conditioning is required to avoid feeding high -fat and indigestible foods; how difficult to recover from chronic pancreatitis, mainly rely on drugs to maintain the function of the pancreas. Essence Food therapy is often adopted to improve clinical symptoms. It is recommended to use a feeding method of less meal and more meals to give low -fat and digestible foods. It is best to feed low -fat and digestible prescriptions.

  4. The treatment of cats to treat cats needs to go to a professional pet hospital. The current treatment method is mainly symptomatic and supportive. When cats were initially symptoms, doctors performed preliminary treatment based on clinical symptoms and test results. If cats were dehydrated, infusion treatment was needed, and anti -inflammatory and analgesic were also needed. When a cat's condition deteriorates shock or hypoproteinemia, blood transfusion or plasma is needed and plasma anti -shock treatment is needed. These treatments need to be effectively carried out under the diagnosis of veterinarians.

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