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  1. Internet decoration advantage 1: comprehensively display the corporate image, avoid the boat and car Lauron
    First of all, the Internet decoration can fully show your company. When you put the product introduction on your own website, he can let customers watch it for a long time From, there will never be expired.
    In the current city, running from one place to another, that is, customers run from home to the company. They need to overcome the severe cold and heat, the pain of crowded buses, the pain of traffic jams, and a design drawing and a design drawing and a picture The project has to run several times, isn't this artificially setting up a threshold? There are many lazy people in society now. In this regard, it will stop a approval customer, and on the Internet, you only need to pass on the information through chat software, which is very convenient to understand each other.
    Is Internet decoration advantages 2: Obtain customers through multiple channels, customer transfer rates are high
    . The customers faced by Internet decoration are relatively young, and the channels of customers are ever -changing. There are Baidu search engines, Baidu knows , Baidu Post Bar; there are bloggers, forums, QQ groups, WeChat, Weibo, paid advertisements ... and most of the women in home improvement customers. These customers are relatively gentle and easy to get along with them. The suspicion is really heavy, and the inherent thinking makes them natural that they do not believe in decoration workers, and it is extremely difficult to get along.
    Is when our reputation is done, the owners we have served will have a more detailed explanation of us when the owners we have served. It is natural to be shared without benefits, which is naturally trustworthy; the person introduced will also go to the decorative home. At this time Take a look at the forum and talk, and the sense of trust is completely established.
    Is Internet decoration advantages 3: The offer is open, the decoration is personalized
    The quotes of traditional decoration companies are not public and do not take them away. I was afraid that they would compare the quotation, so PK could not give it to customers. However, the Internet decoration has become a one -stop packaging product. The price is transparent, the package product is transparent, the engineering is transparent, there is no leakage item, and there is no cat's greasy trap. During the decoration process, the owner can also meet personalized needs, and some details will give enough suggestions.

  2. In 2018, the development status and prospects of China's Internet home improvement industry analyzed the market size of nearly 300 billion yuan, integrating cutting -edge technology to restart the development of the development of the road of science and technology. And the Internet thinking transformation of traditional home decoration, optimize and integrate the decoration industry chain by de -intermediation, de -channelization and standardization, and subvert the traditional decoration user experience. There are four main types of Internet home improvement models: whole platform mode, design platform model, one -stop platform model, and vertical e -commerce model.
    With the advent of the Internet era, people's consumption habits have gradually shifted from offline to online. In the context of the rapid development of network informatization, the trend of Internetization in the home improvement industry has gradually become clear. Internet home improvement In recent years, it has risen rapidly. It has become a trend to change the channels of traditional home improvement by changing the channels and thinking of traditional home improvements.
    It expected that the market size of China's Internet home improvement industry in 2018 will be close to 300 billion yuan
    in recent years, China's Internet home improvement industry has developed rapidly, and the market size has grown rapidly. According to the statistics of the "In -depth Analysis Report of the Market Prospects and Solutions of the Chinese Internet Home Instyle Industry Market Market" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the market size of the Chinese Internet home improvement industry in 2014 has exceeded 100 billion yuan. By 2016, the market size of China's Internet home improvement industry increased to 195.8 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 28.2%. As of 2017, the market size of China's Internet home improvement industry reached 246.1 billion yuan, an increase of 25.7%year -on -year, maintaining a high growth trend of more than 25%in recent years. However, compared with the output value of the overall home improvement industry, the penetration rate of Internet home improvement is still at a low level, and the market development prospects are very broad. The market size of China's Internet home improvement industry is expected to be close to 300 billion yuan in 2018.
    2014-2018 Central China Internet of Home Installation Industry Market Farm Target and Greeting State
    Data Source: Foresight Industry Research Institute sorted out
    2015-2018 Statistics of China's Internet home improvement rate and forecast
    Data source source : Foresight Industry Research Institute sorted out
    This consumer groups tend to be younger, online and offline integration methods have become the mainstream of the Internet home improvement industry
    At present, people's consumer concepts have changed a lot, and they are no longer blindly blindfolded. Pursue expensive, but to buy right. And consumer groups are becoming younger and more young, pursuing personality more and more. The forward -looking report data shows that in 2018, the number of active users of China's Internet home improvement will be close to 30 million, a year -on -year increase of 29%. Among these users, nearly 70 % are distributed between 25 and 35 years old. That is to say, as the post -80s and post -90s generations have gradually entered the age of marriage with the Internet. The way of thinking and consumption habits are closer to the Internet. These 80s and post -90s emerging home improvement consumer groups will first understand the decoration and selection of decoration companies through the Internet. Therefore, the way of integration of online and offline has quietly become the mainstream of the Internet home improvement industry with the change of consumer entities. Essence
    2015-2018 Middle-Internet Internet of Faches Institutional Instant Target and Increased Pastation
    Data Source: Foresight Industry Research Institute compiled
    The most significant feature of home improvement is the low frequency, so in today's fast-moisturizing era How to seize the minds of consumers is becoming more and more important.
    In young people depend on the Internet and the rise and development of Internet home improvement, which solves some needs for young people for their good yearning for their families, such as choosing their favorite design drawings through the Internet. Compared with the previous generation, young consumers in China are higher in cultural quality, and there are more information acquisition channels in all aspects. Their application of the Internet is relatively frequent. They are more willing to pay for good face value, good service, good life, and personalized needs.
    For Internet home improvement companies, we must better understand the real needs of young consumers, and even dig and lead their needs. Through the support of informatization and big data, find a portrait for the new generation of young home improvement consumers, and then target their functional consumption in home improvement consumption (such as basic living space functions), emotional consumption (such as living room in the living room in home space , Restaurant, etc.), even the pursuit of future technology (such as smart homes), etc., to further understand their consumer needs. This is also the embodiment of consumption upgrade in the field of home improvement.
    The investment in the Internet home improvement industry is becoming rational
    2015, the Internet home improvement industry has been popular with capital and began to explode. The wave of capital has promoted the rapid development of the Internet home improvement industry, and a large number of Internet home improvement companies have emerged. In 2015, the amount of financing in the Internet home improvement industry reached 123, but at this stage, many Internet home improvement companies focused on scale and traffic, ignoring offline delivery control and user experience, and did not touch the essence of the industry. In 2016, the investment in Internet home improvement began to gradually rational, the market gradually cooled, and the number of financing decreased by 32 in 2015. As of 2017, the financing number fell to 19.
    2011-2017 The number of financing in the middle of the country in the middle of the country in the middle of the country
    Data sources: Foresight Industry Research Institute compiled
    Big data to connect customers and enterprises to the bridge
    For Internet home improvement, for Internet home improvement, for Internet home improvement, Obtaining users through the Internet is only the first step. The use of Internet technology to provide more information support for users' consumer decisions. At the same time, it continuously improves the standardization of processes to improve the quality and efficiency of delivery services. It is the more important connotation of Internet home improvement.
    The industry insiders believe that the home industry has the characteristics of natural heavy service and experience. With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality and experience of goods, the simple online model can no longer meet people's needs. The concept of retail came into being. How to better integrate unbounded and put forward higher requirements for the Internet home improvement industry.
    With the development of Internet technology and deepening the transformation of all aspects of production and life, unbounded integration is an inevitable trend. Internet technology will penetrate more to offline fields, bringing us more production and life more convenient.
    The development of Internet technology is very mature, and the home improvement industry has also developed after years of development. However, the combination of Internet and home improvement needs to be further integrated, and there is still a certain pain point. However, with continuous innovation and development, the industry will become more and more standardized, but this may take a long time.
    Whether there is no boundary integration or new retail, it must be based on the big data formed by informatization to send good products and services to users, as well as a good experience, and the cost -effectiveness of "touching conscience". The Internet home improvement platform, in terms of Internet technology, online marketing, operational efficiency, obviously follows the front of traditional home improvement companies, coupled It is the development of the times. Some companies break out in terms of volume and capital, which will drive the weather in the entire industry to meet the younger generation.
    This industry has the characteristics of long value chain, many market participants categories, and non -standardized services. The Internet home improvement platform is committed to the digitalization of the industry and empower market participants to continuously improve the efficiency and transparency of the country's installation industry. For example, Tuba Rabbit hopes to serve various roles in the industry through Internet technology, so that it can gradually optimize offline production and services to promote the efficiency of the entire industry. The application of big data is an important part of this. For example, in the home improvement production link, the wider data interoperability is an effective measure to help the role of the industrial chain improvement.
    The prospects for the Internet's home improvement industry are highly anticipated
    As the scale continues to expand, the Internet home improvement industry is also constantly carrying out the industry's "self -optimization". Since the development of Internet technology, from an early information platform to later trading platforms, to the current industrial Internet, the impact of this technology on our lives has become more and more deeper and extensive. Vertical development.
    In fact, home improvement is a very typical traditional industry. The advent of the "Internet " era has accelerated the integration of cutting -edge technology and traditional industries.
    The Internet platform through technical reconstruction can bring efficiency and cost optimization to this industry. In this regard, the Tuba Rabbit Platform has promoted the digital construction of the industry. Through online tools and big data accumulation, the home improvement industry big data platform has been established.
    For some home improvement platforms in 2018, the development of the Internet home improvement industry is better. It cannot be determined that a few companies have encountered some staged "setbacks". The development trend. In fact, in the traditional home improvement field, even in the direction of capital, such a large China has two home improvement companies, and it is mainly regional excellent companies, which is still far away from 10 billion yuan. With the application of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and intelligent technology in the Internet home improvement industry, many processes and links that cannot be changed at present may advance. After experiencing the vigorous development of Internet home improvement, the scientific and technological path of the home improvement industry may be reinstalled.

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