5 thoughts on “Which direction should you think of clothing should be developed?”

  1. After years of development in my country's clothing industry, it has formed an industry pattern with retail clothing brands as its main body and custom clothing. Consumers' awareness of consumption is getting higher and higher, while the middle class has a stronger demand for high -quality clothing for fitting. Clothing customization is mainly divided into group customization and private customization. Among them, group customization refers to the personalized design of the company, schools, and associations to combine its own characteristics, needs, and must make a group of clothing.

  2. The direction of "professional clothing", high -tech fabrics, high -tech dyeing directions, pure hue, and environmental protection. Etiquette, holidays, formal installations, casual clothes, high -quality workers, running clothes, mountaineering clothes, racing clothes, bicycle clothes, motorcycle clothes, home clothes, beer clothes, cultural shirts, cultural shirts, cultural shirts, cultural shirts, cultural shirts Class, T -shirts, hoodie, high -quality trench coats, national style clothing categories, improvement of student clothing, air force jackets. wait. At the beginning, the prospect was broad. Supporting clothing category.

  3. High -quality is mainly the popularity of natural fiber fabrics. At present, people are becoming more and more interested in various high -end cotton, hair, silk, hemp fabrics or blended clothing. will continue. On the one hand, internationalization refers to the widespreadness of clothing popularity. With the development of science and technology, frequent international exchanges, the differences between the country and regions of clothing have become increasingly reduced. The idea of ​​clothing designers is wide, design inspiration and materials come from all over the world, and absorb "nutrients" from the clothing of nations and nations from all countries, so that their works are widely adaptable.

  4. The frequency of "customization" is getting higher and higher, and it is getting closer to ordinary people's lives. From finished products to customization, behind this strategic transformation, mainly due to the changes in consumer groups. Young consumers in the post -80s and 90s are more opinionated. For manufacturers, with the progress of commercial civilization, they will care more about consumer experience, dig and meet the needs of consumers. Whether it is a traditional market purchase or online platform Taobao, "private customization" products can be seen everywhere: clothing, leather shoes, cups, towels, etc. The style makes life full of fun.

  5. At present, the concept of the clothing retail industry has been developed far more than the value of the actual product itself. Customized concepts also need more personalization and richness to support. The fundamental significance of sharing lies in the full use of the surplus value. Literally, the possibility and implementation of clothing sharing are not great.

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