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  1. What is the new coronary virus?

    2019 new coronary virus, "2019-NCOV", was discovered for the case of Wuhan virus pneumonia in 2019, and was named after January 12, 2020 by the World Health Organization. Coronary virus is a large virus family. It is known that it can cause colds and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The new coronary virus is a new coronary virus strain that has never been found in the human body before. Since December 2019, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, has continued to monitor flu and related diseases. There are many cases of viral pneumonia. /lung infection.
    What are the symptoms of the new coronary virus?
    The early symptoms of the human body after the new coronary virus infection is similar to the cold symptoms caused by the general virus infection. And diarrhea.
    With the development of the condition, patients will have symptoms of fever, with a fever of more than 37.3 degrees. In addition, respiratory -related symptoms, including cough and sore throat.
    As the symptoms worsen, patients will experience dyspnea, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and even severe symptoms such as respiratory distress. Examination of imaging will find a change in lung quality with grinding glass in the lungs. Severe manifestations will also occur with purulent hemorrhoids, infectious shock, coagulation dysfunction, and renal failure.
    The disease has no special treatment for the disease caused by the new coronary virus. However, many symptoms can be treated, so treatment is required according to the patient's clinical condition. In addition, the auxiliary care of the infected person may be very effective.
    On how to prevent new coronary viruses?
    The new coronary virus has no effective vaccine prevention method for the time being. Doing a good way to do personal protection is the most practical method, including:
    maintaining basic hands and respiratory tract hygiene, and adhering to safe eating habits.
    The avoids contact with anyone who shows the symptoms of respiratory diseases (such as cough and sneezing, etc.) as much as possible.
    drink more water, pay attention to rest, and improve immunity.
    Sto more ventilation status in the living and working environment.
    What what should I do if I have a new type of coronary virus?
    Is when suspected that you are suspected of infected with a new coronary virus, you must be isolated from your family and friends as soon as possible. Do not go out to avoid cross -infection of the virus.
    Stidoscopy (fever is> 37.3 degrees), cough and other abnormal clinical manifestations of the body should report to the local disease prevention and control institution as soon as possible, so as to better control the spread of new coronary viruses.
    In the guidance of local disease prevention and control institutions, go to the designated medical institution for investigation, diagnosis and treatment. It is necessary to maintain medical observation for 14 days, and if no other symptoms occur during 14 days, you can remove the isolation.
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