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  1. Taobao Tips 1: Don't deliberately do some keywords. What words do you show me, what I will raise and use force.
    Taobao tips 2: The title is written with 30 words. Pay attention to readability and detachable.
    Taobao tips 3: Do not modify the price, use discounts to adjust the price, and the price affects the weight.
    Taobao tips 4: The optimization title is only changed only 3 words at a time, and at the same time pay attention to the technique two.
    Taobao tips cannot be edited more than two times within 5:24 hours, which affects the weight.
    Taobao tips 6: Modify the title and do not click the editor baby. Remember to click the little pen in the selling baby to modify it. Because you edit your baby, the system needs to be recreated.
    Taobao tips 7: The attributes must not be modified.
    Taobao tips 8: Any optimization and modification is recommended to operate in the early morning. 2 In the early morning, the smallest influence. 3 The system re -includes the fastest.
    Taobao Tips 9: Continuously optimized the main picture in the first 7 days (now the direct pass can be tested 4) to improve the click -through rate. When the main picture with a click rate exceeds the same value, this item is successful successfully Half half.
    Taobao tips 10: The last 4 of the main map affects the conversion rate, especially the effect on the wireless end on the transformation rate is no less than the entire detail. One of the important reasons for the high -end loss rate. Many people have underestimated the loss rate, and they will not pay attention to this data at all. In fact, the effect is very large. For example There are only 10 people who have lost their jumps, and 70%of the 30 people left 30 people. Although the data difference is 20%, the number of real people is three times the difference! Three times, depending on your attention and not paying attention to it!
    Taobao tips 11: replace the main map, first place the main picture in the second position, and then replace it to the position of the first picture at 24 hours.
    Taobao tips 12: Guide PC customers to go to the wireless end order. When your wireless transaction exceeds 95%, the traffic will rise significantly. The reason is simple. You are doing what Taobao wants to do.
    Taobao tips 13: It is better to return to the cash back, and the price is not changed. The price change will affect the unit price of the customer and the sales level. It may also affect your registration event because of changing the price. , Buy two pieces, 10 yuan each, pay 100 yuan. At this time, the minimum price of your single product becomes 40 instead of 50. This must be paid attention to. Because the system takes this order, two babies, one of which is 60, and the other is 40.
    Taobao tips 14: cycle spiral method, the first day of each next cycle depends on the fourth day of the previous cycle, and it is not the last day, so pay special attention to the visitors of the second three days of each cycle. Transformation and other data.
    Taobao tips 15: Details page focuses on a selling point. This selling point can be interspersed and repeatedly emphasized before and after the details. To deepen the impression of consumers, let them remember you. Multiple selling points are equivalent to no selling points. You want everything. Express, the customer forgets you after reading it.
    Taobao tips 16: Any publicity map, poster, diamond exhibition diagram, remember the text on the left, the picture is right, the reason is not to mention this seemingly simple and very esoteric, the same is true of Baidu news, Taobao pass through the traffic and put it on the traffic. The same is true on the right.
    Taobao tips 17: The special price of the mobile phone is less than 9.5 %.
    Taobao tips 18: communicate with the second and second -time communication, can be on the event sooner or later, add multi -category to prosperous groups, and pay attention to the harvest of the Taobu gang.
    Taobao tips 19: Optimized to high quality according to each function of the business staff, the basic skills of the store are OK
    Taobao tips 20: SKU corresponding product map must be uploaded, otherwise it will seriously affect transformation.
    The answer simply. If you do n’t understand, you can sx or me. If you feel that you can help you, you can like it. Thank you. Your support has my motivation.

  2. I. Data diagnosis
    The first sentence of getting up every day, first look at the data for yourself.
    The first thing in the morning: see data. Data is the basis and basis for your analysis of the store, formulating the plan, and the top priority of operation. A word I used to hang on my mouth was: Talk to the data.
    1. What data
    The new version of the business staff actually increased more data
    The key view of yesterday's number of visitors, transaction amounts, payment conversion rates, collection and purchase rate, refund rate, refund rate, refund rate, refund rate, refund rate, refund rate, refund rate, refund rate, refund rate Store levels;
    and the overall data changes of one month's store in the last week.
    In the market broader, seasonal products fluctuate greatly. Maybe your baby has no problem, but the market will not perform well. If you look at the industry in the industry You can get a wave of traffic;
    The see which products in the industry are preheating, which product large market traffic will decline, and the next product plan is planned in advance.
    2. How to determine the data of the data
    Observe whether the overall traffic structure of the store is normal and whether the traffic of the main push is within normal plans. If the data is stable It is necessary to analyze which traffic entrance, which product, and which keywords caused by such changes. In this case, you need to find the reason quickly and solve it in time. The reaction of the data is very fast. If you check it in a few days, then this data basically cannot be saved.
    I. I used to operate before and promoted a Japanese imported mother and infant product. The sales volume has always been good, but the display occasionally decline. The reason for the reason is that competitors are reduced or drove in time. The traffic may be robbed.

    . Analysis of competitors
    Analysis of competitors is also analyzing data, but I take it alone, because many people will ignore this. Analysis of competitors not only to grab traffic with him, fight for ranking, but also stronger opponents than your opponents are your best learning objects.
    The research on the drainage methods, promotion methods, transaction keywords, copywriting, and their effects.
    What methods are feasible, which is useless, competitors have helped you experiment. Analysis of competitors can help us reduce trial and error costs.
    The products to do more to study it, look at its data: drainage, conversion keywords, ranking sales, only these data chase it, do it better than it, can it occupy a place. Get the traffic.
    . For example, if I drive through the traffic, I can go to his transaction keywords and put it in my own pass.
    . View evaluation
    The evaluation of the main push and asking everyone must look at it frequently. Once there is a bad review on the impact of the baby's data, the naked eye can be visible. A product I have previously pushed because of a bad review, it showed half of the lesson and bloody lesson. There must be a timely solution to a bad review. The faster the speed of contacting the buyer, the greater the possibility of eliminating the bad review.
    It should look at the customer service chat records on a regular basis to understand your customers. So you only have more people to understand what people are targeted at, what are the things these people pay more attention to, and where their needs are so that they can be more targeted to do what your customers like. See which points that can be optimized, and find inspiration to promote themselves by looking at the buyer's chat.
    . Promoting drainage
    The product is good, no matter how good the quality is, no matter how good the optimization is, the wine fragrance is afraid of deep alleys. Moreover, Taobao is a platform and also needs to make a profit, so the general effect of paying promotion is better than SEO. Commonly used paid promotion is through traffic, drilling exhibitions, and Taobao. This year, Taobao once again increased the weight of the through traffic, and generally opened the traffic, but it is necessary to test the level. Moreover, the optimization of the through -traffic traffic is no end. You have to observe and modify it every day. Even if the quality score is full, the PPC is very low, and you can't worry about it. There is no way, because your opponent is also optimizing and want to surpass you at any time.

    5. Registration activities
    This shops do not pay attention to the activity section, because they feel that they ca n’t participate, they ca n’t reach the threshold of the event. However, there are many activities prepared for small and medium -sized sellers for small and medium -sized sellers. The threshold is relatively low. If it is not reached, it depends on which aspect is not enough. It is not enough or the DSR score is not satisfied. A qualified operation must be familiar with the rules and processes of the application activities, and planning to do marketing several times a month.
    Coloning into a tower, there are more small activities, naturally you can accumulate some sales and weights, and have an advantage over competitors at the same level.

    6. Optimized shops
    1. If you are the operation of small and medium -sized shops, then you must optimize your baby every day. These are the internal skills of the product. The products are never the best, only better. Baby's data is directly affecting free traffic.
    2. Understand product knowledge
    I always think that a shop should know the product all. Everyone knows the selling points, advantages and disadvantages, and operation of their own products. Only by in -depth understanding of the characteristics of the product can we better plan the product. You sell dailyization, the main components of the product, and the efficacy must be clear. The seller is spinning. These must be clear.
    7. Inventory control
    The operating must count the storage library of your own store, and you must clearly be clearly exited in the warehouse. There are related inventory management software for Taobao. use. Before doing activities, you must roughly judge how much the sales of this event are. Of course, this is judged based on data support and the operation of a large number of activities in the past. It is clear that the inventory is to avoid two situations. One is that the inventory is insufficient, the good model is sold fast, and the sales are explosive. The second is the inventory accumulation. Seeing that it is sold well, a large number of purchases, or making mistakes in the market, the product cannot be sold in the season, causing a backlog. These will cause losses to the store, and the delay of delivery affects the less class. If tens of thousands of goods are piled up, it will be the disaster for the small seller directly.

    8. Coordinating management
    It to do a good shop, it is definitely not enough to operate alone. Artists and customer service are important links. Therefore, the operation must maintain good communication with the artist and customer service. Speaking of art is also a relatively hard -working errand, you can't ask the United States to work to work colorful white and colorful black.

    The as an operation, you must have some PS technology. One is to better tell the artist's requirements. I used to let the beautiful work map, accurately to the typesetting layout, color matching, copywriting, style. At the same time, find a few similar pictures for them for reference. This not only save art, but also produces the pictures you want to improve work efficiency as soon as possible.
    This summary: an excellent operation must be comprehensive ability, good at communication, and strong sense of responsibility. Overall operations are not as good as self -operating, not much technology, and even some generation operation technologies are better. Their difference is the time and energy of investment.
    If you are an operation, then you must have the consciousness of the protagonist, even if you work for the boss. Do not exercise technology without investing. At the same time, it is necessary to arrange your time reasonably. The operations are very complicated. The planning can be improved to improve work efficiency.

  3. After doing the basic skills of e -commerce operations, you can also find the skills of e -commerce operations
    1. Be sure to be familiar with the environment and rules of the e -commerce platform
    There are some bottom lines that cannot be touched. We must be familiar with the rules of the game, otherwise we will go out in advance.
    The platform rules may change at any time. Operations must always adapt to the changes of the platform rules at all times, and timely adjust or seize the risks and opportunities brought by a new rule.
    2. Be sure to be familiar with the product again and again
    If you are not familiar with the products you operate, how can you talk about it? If you are not familiar with the product, then you are wrong from the direction of hard work. In this case, it is impossible for the operators of the cattle to make the product satisfied.
    3. Be sure to be familiar with various operations
    . How to get on the shelves, how to optimize the title, how to choose keywords, how to design the main picture, detail page, etc.
    It can go to the website to find some practical videos and try to operate yourself. It is not injured if you do n’t operate. After all, your study time at work is limited and you can only tuition. It is not possible to do it, and it is impossible to think about it without thinking. It must be flexibly cope with various changes.
    4. Be sure to be familiar with various promotion channels
    The traffic is the blood that maintains the development of the store. Operations must be familiar with various promotion channels to transport health traffic to stores and keep the stores continuously develop.
    The is familiar with the channels to promote the flow and drainage of channel traffic. If you are familiar with the channels and have related channels, you can set it freely and targeted.

    5. Be sure to be familiar with various operating tools
    , for example, do Taobao, how to look at the business staff, how to set up and establish plans through traffic. To help your work through various operating tools to achieve more effort.
    6. Be sure to learn to see data
    The data, various data, the number of visitors, changes in traffic, yesterday's transaction amount, conversion rate, store level, industry market, and so on.
    The see if the data is within normal plans. Of course, the premise is whether you have developed weekly plans, daily plans, etc., and the planned plan must be scientific.
    The also depends on the data of competitors, such as what means to promote, what are the keywords of the transaction, what are the internal activities, how the effect is, etc. Essence

    7, continuous accumulation of experience
    The qualified operation must have rich experience. A qualified operation can never be practiced by reading a few theoretical posts a day and two days.
    The e -commerce operations are not empty talk about data, or so far away. They must have experience in combat.
    The more experienced operations are often the operational techniques that are irregularly finding and changing. People who do not have practical experience do operations to some extent will cause unnecessary waste of the company's manpower and financial resources. People without experience are often bound by a job in a certain aspect.
    It you can try different departments, customer service, promotion, art and other departments to polish yourself.
    The experience operations are the process of transforming their experience into value, so many times the experience is the more valuable experience, the more valuable the value.

  4. Pay attention to and maintain old customers
    Is when consumers tried on mobile phones, the data generated were all reserved and precipitated in Ali's background. When we had the intention of buying certain types of babies, the system would be transmitted baby, browsing The baby you like, or guess that you like the location, basically push the price, similar quality, and attributes that the baby you want to buy. So old customers are the focus.

  5. You can use the APP of the Reed Assistant to operate. It is a very good app. It has a lot of functions and is more practical.

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