Ningbo's "landlord sells directly" listings! Nearly 200 sets of four days of listing can query restrictions, mortgage, and seal information

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  1. Following Hangzhou ’s online personal listing function and triggering“ de -intermediary ”disputes, Ningbo, another hot city in Zhejiang Province, also began to try the second -hand house“ landlord direct sale ”model.
    "Personal independent listing function is newly launched and free. We hope to provide more effective and diverse basic information and service functions for both parties to the market. Because it has just been launched, some functions are still constantly continuously continued In the process of perfecting. "A staff member of the Ningbo Real Estate Market Management Center told reporters on September 29.
    In information released by Ningbo Real Estate Transaction Information Service Network shows that as of September 29, reporters interrupted the draft, and the number of individual independent listings was close to 200 sets.
    . Ningbo launched the "landlord direct sale" function of the second -hand house, which has only been four days so far. On September 23, the Ningbo Real Estate Market Management Center issued the "Notice on the Application of the Listing Code of the Launch of the Line". The city of Ningbo was officially launched.
    Inned the code through the mobile phone "Zheli Office", the landlord can realize the function of real listing or independent release of the listing function, including selling individuals for sale of real estate, self -listed on the rent of the rent, and the commissioned intermediary listing of the sale of listings, and the sale of the intermediary listed, and Rental houses entrust the four major functions of intermediaries.
    It worth noting is that the Ningbo version of the "landlord direct sale" not only solves the problem of real housing, but also the legal relationship information related to listed houses and the price information of the community will be listed as an important option.
    "In the transaction of second -hand housing, information asymmetry is a hurdle of transactions. Like the real transaction price of a community, a set of listed house property rights, etc. If you do not pass the professionals, many people are not clear. We hope that through some functions of the platform, we can help solve this problem. "The aforementioned staff of Ningbo Real Estate Market Management Center said.
    For the official platform to provide personal listing functions, Hangzhou Housing Security and Real Estate Administration have previously publicly stated that this function breaks the housing sales model of traditional dependence on intermediary agencies and improves the buyers and sellers in the process of second -hand housing transactions and the buyers and sellers of the second -hand housing trading process. The disadvantages of asymmetric information information of the intermediary agency.
    The comparison of the official "landlord direct sale" platform in Hangzhou can find that the "landlord direct sale" platform of Ningbo's official second -hand housing has added a lot of valuable feature options for price and house status.
    The set of newly listed sets of Taoyuan mental communities on September 29 as an example. In addition to displaying the basic situation of the listing date, house area, units, decoration degree, house orientation, etc., it has also shown 6 months since the platform. Real historical transaction information in the same community. For example, a 104 -square -meter house was recently sold in the community, with a total price of 1.95 million yuan and a unit price of 18,714 yuan/square meter; and the maximum transaction price of the community in the community was 20,411 yuan/square meter, and the minimum transaction price was 16,353 yuan/square meter.
    The reporter from the Fiscal Associated News Agency after consulting the information of personal independent listing was learned that not all communities had historical transaction information, and some houses did not have the previous, the highest, and lowest three price reference indicators mentioned above.
    The technicians in Ningbo Real Estate Trading Information Service Network told reporters that the transaction information displayed on the same page displayed by the individual's independent listing is the historical transaction data of the same community. "These data are the real information registered in the trading center. Some communities have no historical information because there are no transactions in the community in the past 6 months. For buyers, it is also the price of half a year. The transaction information of time is not much meaningful. "
    In addition to historical prices, the relevant page information also involves restricted status, mortgage status, seizure status, etc., as well as some important information related to the legal relationship with houses. The reporter learned from the Ningbo Real Estate Market Management Center that the landlord also provides this information at the same time.
    "If you want to be listed, the information of house mortgage, restrictions, etc. must be submitted. Although other houses are real and effective, they are currently in a limited -sale state and can be traded yet. This cannot be traded. This cannot be traded. The listing of houses cannot be displayed on the platform. However, buyers must be verified again during the transaction, because the state of the house may change again. "Another person from the Ningbo Real Estate Market Management Center said.
    The personnel of a real estate intermediary company believes that the landlord's "personal direct sales" cannot "go to the intermediary", and the intermediary company is still dominant in the market. According to Ningbo Real Estate Trading Information Service Network, as of September 29, the number of valid listings on the platform was about 1.079 million units, with a cumulative effective transaction of 218,700 units; and 10,800 units provided by the brokerage company.
    "But also to see that the full disclosure of information is helpful for transactions. The platform's disclosure of information such as mortgage and sealing of houses such as mortgage, sealing, etc., and the real transaction price of the community Brokerage agencies help it reduce the cost of transaction and have strong reference value. "The aforementioned real estate agent said.
    Ningbo Municipal Real Estate Market Management Center said that in the future, it may also launch supporting services related to bank loans. It is still discussing the feasibility of this functional sector, and it is also necessary to study the difficulties that may exist in implementation.

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