1 thought on “How to delete the video in the WeChat group”

  1. Taking WeChat 6.3.28 as an example, the operation steps of deleting the video files in the group are as follows:
    1, open WeChat, click [group chat];
    n2, find the target group chat, click to enter to enter to enter ;

    3, click the group data icon in the upper right corner;

    4, click [Chat file] in the page to open the page;
    3 File, click Delete icon in the lower right corner;

    6, in the prompt pop -up, click [Delete].

    The expansion information:
    WeChat group can chat and communicate many people. After creating groups, the owner can invite friends or people with common interests to chat in a group. In addition to chatting in the group, you can also share pictures, videos, URLs, etc. It's almost the same as the QQ group.

    The features

    ① Support sending voice text messages, videos, pictures (including expressions) and text.
    ② Support multi -crowd chat.
    ③ Support to view the person (LBS function) using WeChat (LBS) near the location.
    box plug -in functions such as Weibo, mailbox, drifting bottle, voice notepad, and QQ synchronous assistant.

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