5 thoughts on “Why do many people oppose dogs?”

  1. The first reason: the development of urbanization, the flow of people is excessively dense.
    Pet dog dogs and urbanization development, many people will think that they must coexist, which is a manifestation of the development of urban civilization. But they all ignored the basic status of society, such as: a front -line city has tens of millions of people, and people live together. The number of dogs is constantly increasing. How can they not contradict!
    The most important thing is that dogs are in good nature and must be brought out of the house every day, and there are public places in the city everywhere, so it is difficult to not affect the lives of others!

    The second reason: low quality of dogs, frequent disputes.
    The quality of some dog -raising people is very low. This is obvious to the entire society. Even if you go out without leaving a cord, you will take the dog to urinate on the side of the road. Can you not have disputes if you encounter a passerby with a strong temper?
    Wen people who often hear dogs were also called "shoveling officers", but now this kind of statement is getting less and less, mainly these low -quality pet owners. The concept, enjoying the fun of raising dogs, and can't let go of the pose to shovel!

    The third reason: unreasonable dog raising cannot be ruled, and out of the way.
    The main reason for the conflict between pet dogs and urban conflicts is the incompleteness of the regulations, which leads to all kinds of dog breeding people. It thinks that "my dog ​​loves to raise it."
    people who have a dog hate is mainly because some "low -quality pet owners cannot be punished". Dog! In fact, many people don't hate dogs, but they just hate low -quality pet owners!

    The fourth reason: Many varieties of dogs are not suitable for urban support!
    The variety of pet dogs is very many. There is a huge gap between different dogs and character. Some dogs are too large, some dogs are fierce, and some dogs like to cause trouble. Not all dogs are all dogs. Dogs are suitable for living in cities.
    The is because of this. More and more pet dogs are restricted in the current cities, such as: German Mu, Alaska, Dubin, and Chinese Rural Dogs. These dogs have been included in the ban on the ban!

  2. Because they feel that the dog is dirty, there will be bacteria on their bodies, and the dog's excrement will be difficult and disgusting.

  3. Because large dogs have the risk of harmful people, everyone's views are different, some oppose dogs, and some support dog raising, which varies from person to person.

  4. There are many uncertain factors in raising dogs. First of all, when raising dogs, you may accidentally bite yourself or others. Secondly, raising dogs should pay attention to sanitation, which will be more troublesome.

  5. Because they feel that the dogs will lose hair, these hairs make them feel annoying and difficult to clean, so they oppose raising.

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