5 thoughts on “Why do some people hate dogs?”

  1. Because some dog owners are too annoying, they don't like dogs.
    In some people don't like dogs in fact, just like they are born that they don't like to eat coriander. I don't have to say this, but some people don't like dogs, but they are forced by the dog owner, which is excessive justice. Double standards, moral abduction, and selective expression.
    The news about human flesh, abuse, wreath, wreath, door, paint, and other cyber violence and real violence news are not uncommon. But when there is a dog biting, the news of the dog owner hit the news, and they will feel collectively.
    It, in order to raise a stray dog, spend millions of wealth in the family, broke with their children, and had not fulfilled the filial piety to their parents. Some to stop pulling the dog's car and stop at high speeds, regardless of high -speed safety. Some dogs bite and are killed, they will jump out and say that the punishment is over.
    The news in my impression is very ironic. A group of dog lovers saved a group of stray dogs and raised them in a large courtyard. At first they would buy dog ​​food for money. Later, no one gave money. Once, good breeds were led away, leaving a group of native dogs.
    The care of animals is the mainstream values ​​of society, but against extremism is also the mainstream values ​​of our society. What is extremeism is what I don't like. You must accommodate me, that is, you must not eat dog meat without eating dog meat. This extremism is very easy to give birth to another extremism, causing division and conflict.
    This originally raised dogs and is very spiritual. When it died, it was stuck in the cracks of the wall. I cried for a long time. So I do n’t eat dog meat, but I do n’t care about others. If you want to eat dog meat, I will say, I'm sorry I don't eat dog meat, you go. If you really can't avoid meals, there are dog meat on the table, and I won't move a chopstick.
    The reason that eating dog meat rationally did not violate morality and law. In terms of emotion, this matter was disgusted from the perspective of emotion. But some of the methods of extreme dog lovers are "I can not hold the rope, you must accommodate me to tolerate me not to hold the rope."
    "I can not eat dog meat, you must not eat it" and other extreme dog lovers The approach makes those who have no sense of dogs who have no sense of dogs to begin to hate dogs. To some extent, dogs are innocent and are bad impressions made by some people.

  2. I can answer this in combination with myself. I especially like small animals. I like to swim in the water when running in the sky, especially cats and dogs. Some of them like cats. There are not many things about the seeds. I am one of them. I have loved cats when I grow up from a small home. The neighbor's family is the kind of big dog, so I like cats and dogs since I was a child. But I also hate some dogs, the kind of walking normally in the park and not disturbing it. Then the dog rushes to call you, and some of the high -quality dog ​​owners will call back Some dogs, some will not care about you. The dogs call or even chase people who want those dog owners. Once you have any intimidation dogs, those dog owners will stand up immediately. What do you want to do? What is a dog and what you see. These are common things, and neighbors will also be contradictory because of this. In fact, most of those who hate dogs are not hate dogs, but those who have no quality dogs. The dogs are very cute and loyal. This conclusion has been concluded since ancient times. Some people think that dogs do not understand anything, but dogs' IQ is equivalent to children aged 5-6. They will think, judge according to the situation, and look at the master’s face. In this way Do you understand anything? Of course, some dogs are allergic to the dogs who are afraid of dogs. I do n’t comment here. I just answer this question according to my actual situation. Raising dogs, so fewer people hate dogs.

  3. Because if the dog is not successfully taught, it will urinate everywhere at home, and sorting sanitation will cause a headache. In addition, dogs may hurt people, which is why some people don't like dogs.

  4. Because they are allergic to dog hair, when they meet dogs, they will cough severely and runny nose, which is very painful, so they hate dogs.

  5. Why hate dogs? Answer: (1) Not hygienic! Dogs can be seen everywhere. (2) Disturb the people! One dog barks, more dogs. (3) hurt people! Rabies disease. (4) Infectious! Viruses, bacteria, diseases.

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