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  1. Dogs
    Address: No. 38, West Freight Center, Terminal of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Terminal

    1. Determine flight time and cabin.

    . Apply for the check certificate.
    Note: cage box. Airlines require small pets (weighing less than 10 kg) to use dedicated pet air boxes. The opening needs to be tightly tied with iron wire, and a well -shaped packaging belt. Middle and large pets (weighing greater than 10 kg) should be lined with iron wire mesh in wooden air boxes and requires strong and reliable.

    . Check the consignment procedures: bring pets, air boxes, quarantine certificates to go through pet consignment procedures.

    . Pickling:

    In the airline issued a transportation order, immediately notify the receipt The freight number number and aircraft take off and landing time. Under normal circumstances, the pick -up procedures can be completed after landing on the plane for one and a half hours.

    The animal consignment requires precautions:

    1, preparation of packaging: need Using a dedicated plastic airbox, the home -made iron pet cage is not qualified.

    2. Preparation of quarantine: The airport will ask you to take pets to quarantine, quarantine costs 20 ~ 30 yuan. The quarantine certificate should be attached to the transportation form.

    3, preparation on time: After selecting a good flight, you should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours in advance, otherwise you may not be able to keep on board. It is necessary to predict the waiting time and flight time, and prepare sufficient water and food for pets, hot weather, poor ventilation, etc., will cause damage to pets.

    4, after the trip: hold the shipping order as soon as possible. If you do n’t take the opportunity at the same time, you only let the pets fly alone. After the plane takes off, notify the consignee number (faxed transportation).

    The pet consignment can refer to the following suggestions:

    1. Early in place: It is necessary to consult and book the cabin to the airline two days earlier. Because transporting pets must be equipped with an oxygen cargo cars, re -ordering in advance and arriving at the freight office 3 hours before taking off can ensure that your pet arrives with you on the same machine.

    2. Avoid squeezing: First of all, we must prepare a strong and durable special air box to transport pets. On the one hand, domestic airlines have some packaging of living goods On the other hand, it is also for the safety of pets itself. In addition, you can bundle a plastic product on the top of the aircraft box to prevent the transport staff from pressing other items on the box.
    3. Drinking water: Almost all the aircraft boxes will be attached with water heaters. You can first freeze the drinking water heater in the refrigerator and freeze into ice cubes. When you get on the plane, install them in the air box. You do n’t have to worry about the bundle of the water that the water is overturned.

    4, do not turn the opportunity: As long as the journey does not turn the plane, the possibility of pets by mistake to a different place will be smaller many. If you take off later, you can ask the freight office to send the pet to the purchase cabin later to ensure its safety.

    5, sedative: If your pet is easily nervous or stimulated, you can consult the veterinarian first, buy some sedatives for it to help it help it Mooth emotions.
    If in accordance with the relevant regulations of domestic freight freight, when the shipper consignment of fresh and easy -to -rot items, living animals, emergency items and goods that have time restrictions, the airline freight department should first book flights, date, tonnage, and pressed by the airline's freight department, and prescribe it by prescribing it. Check the check -in procedures for time and place. In addition, the shipper must provide valid quarantine documents presented by the public security or quarantine departments.

    This pet citizens also need to note that animals during pregnancy, animals within 48 hours of childbirth, and animals during breastfeeding cannot be checked. In order to prevent animals from not adapting to flight, the cabin was messy. It is best not to eat food 10 hours before the plane. If necessary, take calm and motion sickness medicines under the guidance of veterinarians before boarding.

  2. 1. First of all, you must consult the airline to check whether there is an oxygen compartment to check the check -in
    2. You must quarantine the dog and issue a quarantine certificate. In the cage, close the cage to prevent the dog from running away
    4. When changing the passboard, the dog consignment procedures
    5, if you need to bring a dog to leave the country, you need to have small animals to leave the country. Certificate
    6. According to the relevant provisions of the Civil Aviation Law of my country, passengers prohibit with their pets on the aircraft cabin. If passengers must travel with their pets, they need to check in.
    If attention
    Animal consignment has regulations, such as animals during pregnancy, animals within 48 hours of childbirth, and animals during breastfeeding cannot be checked. In order to prevent animals from not adapting to flight, the cabin is messy, airlines generally ask passengers to prevent puppies from eating food before boarding. medicine.

    The puppy needs to drink water frequently. You need to prepare a special water bottle in the pet box and train your pet how to use water bottles to drink water in advance. Finally, check whether the door of the pet suitcase has been deducted.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the health immunization certificate for the check certificate. The vaccine designated at the designated epidemic prevention station at the airport and brought immune certificates (expenses ranging from 20-50). Generally, specifications are local animal disease prevention centers. The immune certificate requires an injection chapter with rabies vaccine, other diseases vaccine, and the airport does not care. Valid quarantine certificate, within five days before departure, bring pets and health immunization certificates to move and plant quarantine agencies for health inspections. On the day of the dog on the plane). You can also find a special agency for handling. Two -thirds of check -in procedures -bring pets, air boxes, and the above -mentioned certificates, and go to the airline freight office to go through pet check -in procedures. Generally, 2-3 hours in advance should go to the airport to go through the freight procedures. You need to fill in the consignee's information carefully, and the consignee must be extracted with his ID card after arriving. The cost is charged according to the weight of the dog and the aircraft box, but different airlines are different. The cost of a medium -sized dog about 40 pounds is about 1,000 yuan. It is best to arrive at the airport earlier for the first time. Two hours before the plane take off, no receipt is processed. Accompany the relevant documents to the hand luggage processing office, submit the animal immunization certificate, and pay for the heavy platform after the luggage is packed. The cost is 15%/per kilogram of ticket costs (including the weight of the aviation box), and finally sent to the over -the -Liated luggage platform for inspection, and told the staff to take care of the light and lightly put. Additional insurance: 10%of general value-20%. Different companies, different types of cargo prices are somewhat deviated. This is not forced, but if the dog is unexpected and there is no insurance, only pay for weightnHopefully my answer is of help to younQuestion received! thanksn1 morenBleak

  4. Pet dogs cannot be brought into the passenger compartment, and pet dogs without more than 20 kg can be checked. Before checking, go to the quarantine station to issue an epidemic prevention certificate.
    The check -in procedures must have a strong container and ensure that the excrement is not leaked, and water and food are prepared.
    has no air conditioning in the luggage car warehouse, which is cold in winter.
    The passengers can never enter the luggage car, don't want to take a photo of the Lee car in the middle.
    If you love your dog, you can ask for escort when you handle it. During the escort, people take the luggage vehicle office, and pet dogs put the luggage car warehouse. If necessary, the dog can take the dog into the office to take a look at
    n Provide animal quarantine certificates, and can be checked after the carrier's consent. On the day of the opportunity, passengers should transport the small animals to the airport to check the check -in procedures.

    The container of small animals in transportation shall meet the following requirements:

    1. It can prevent small animals from damaging, escaping, and extending containers to damage passengers, luggage or cargo.

    2. Ensure air circulation and does not suffocate small animals.

    3, can prevent feces from overflowing, so as not to pollute aircraft, on -board equipment and other items.

    The small animals carried by passengers, except for the carrier's franchise, cannot be transported in the cabin.

    The weight of animals and containers shall be charged separately at the standard of overweight luggage

    The specific procedures:

    1. Quarantine certificate:
    It in the quarantine bureau, many pet shops can help you get it. Hundreds of no wait;
    . I have also seen a plastic debris box/turnover box to install pets for pets. It is estimated that the airport freight is allowed;
    R n
    Pet a pet suitcase. There are many sizes, you have to ask the size of the airlines.

    The water bottle for travel and hung in the suitcase. Pets lick the water pipe water with your tongue.

    Pet identity cards, you can not buy it. In the application and foreign language, two texts are marked.

    3. Preparation before consignment:
    The best confirming whether the flight aircraft is allowed to bring pets before booking, that is, whether there is a living animal cargo compartment, generally available;
    Call the cabin to the Ministry of Freight of the Airlines, please ask the airport or inquire for the yellow page;
    If of your pet motion sickness and airplane, you need to consult the doctor in advance and prepare the corresponding medicine;
    in the aircraft box Prepare a small amount of food, you can place some pets that pets like in the box to reduce the anxiety of pets;
    even pets without motion sickness, it is recommended to fast before boarding the plane and urinate before boarding to reduce urination to reduce Stomach discomfort and burden when traveling at high altitude.
    If your pet has not been used by drinking water heaters, it is trained to use it.

    4, consignment
    three hours in advance to the airport to go through the pet check -in procedure, consult the airport ground service staff in specific place;
    you can also entrust airfreck companies to handle, the cost may be lower, the cost may be lower , But to handle more time in advance;
    The pet shops mainly selling dogs can also handle pet check -in procedures throughout the process. This is how they traded in different places.

    5, cost
    The full fare of 1.5%/kg, for example, a full fare of 1,000 yuan, pets 10 kg, then the freight is: 1000 × 1.5%x10 = 150 yuan.

    6, picking up
    The at least an hour after arriving at Hong Kong to pick up the goods at the airport freight office, the freight office may charge a 5 yuan handling fee.

    7. After picking up the goods
    The hours of your pets on the plane for a few hours of freshness, excitement, fear, loneliness, and restlessness, so you must appease first when you see it, and If you have a flight for a long time, you are easy to thirst, and you must drink water.

    8, other
    If your pet is in different places, you can entrust others to follow the above procedures, and you only need to go to the airport to pick up your pet. To put it plainly, it is air freight ~

  5. How do dogs consign?
    The pets of pets are more, and airplanes, cars, trains, etc. can all become pets for pets. There are certain differences in different check methods requirements and characteristics. The consignment requirements in different places will also be different, and they will be slightly different in terms of check prices. The following is the dog consignment process:
    1, preparation items:
    (1) Prepare a special aviation box or iron cage (loose on land transportation conditions); Pet quarantine certificate and transportation tool disinfection certificate (preferably 1-2 days in advance);
    (3) reserving railway, highways and aviation departments in advance, it is recommended to choose a car in short-distance, it is recommended to choose the train at about half a day. Those who have long -distance and economic ability are to choose aviation consignment;
    (4) Avoid food before and after consignment, water can be appropriately drink.
    2, aviation consignment process:
    (1) Consultation to the airline before buying a ticket, whether the aircraft has oxygen compartment, and then propose the request for consignment.
    (2) Take a puppy to the animal quarantine station where the residence is located to issue a quarantine qualification certificate, or go directly to the airport animal quarantine supervision station for on -site quarantine (the cost is about 150 yuan)
    (3) Then then Put the puppy in a solid cage of pressure -resistant collision to avoid puppies from being injured or escaping.
    (4) Send the puppy to the airport by itself. While changing the boarding pass, it goes through the puppy consignment procedure and pays the puppy consignment fee.
    (5) Pets: If it is randomly checked, extract at the luggage turntable, and obtain it with luggage tickets.
    (6) If it is a freight consignment: At the airport freight station for extraction within 1-2 hours after the plane landed, the original identity card of the consignee is the original.
    3, railway consignment process:
    (1) The railway department stipulates that the owner is required to escort, and the railway is cheaper than aviation.
    (2) Ask whether the starting station is willing to collect living animals, and the number of trains consignment must have luggage compartments, as well as the luggage room when it comes to the train station to handle pets to reach the business.
    (3) Put the puppy in a strong cage for pressure to avoid being injured or escaping.
    (4) Putting a quarantine certificate with a puppy and animal quarantine station to check the check -in station.
    (5) Two hours before the train, take the pet to the line of the bag of the train station to consign the scale.
    (6) After arriving at the terminal, you can use the check -in cargo document.
    D detailed dog consignment information can be viewed at/HANGYE-WULIU/9440!

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