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  1. 1. Alaska. The thick and cute shape is loved by people, lively and friendly, and enthusiastic about humans, and likes to play with humans.

    . Pauten Dogs entered people's attention because of that well -known movie. They are strong and easy to raise, very smart, and very vigilant.

    3. Big Bargin. The requirements for the living environment are relatively high, and people need to spend time to accompany them. People who raised bears need to spend a certain time with them to go out and play.

    4. Bomei. Very beautiful pet dog, short and compact, round eyes, small dogs are easy to raise in the city, lively, energetic, friendly and loyal.

    5. Bullfighting dogs, very popular pet dog varieties, Fa Dou's appearance and their arrogant personality formed a sharp contrast. They are brave and fearless. They are full of personality.

    6, golden retriever. The attitude attracts a lot of people's love, lively and active, and it is also a very common pet dog now.

    7. Husky. Er Ha is famous for his stupidity, and his silly personality is not proportional to his huge appearance. Huskic is mild, easy to get close to others, lively, and very energetic.

    8. Corgi, mentioned that Corgi has to mention their short legs and peaches, lively, smart, smart, friendly, and very suitable for housekeeping.

    9, Labrado. Smart and obedient, easy to domestication, faithful and trustworthy.

    10. Sherry. It looks like an old man, with a calm personality and friendly personality, and has been loved by many people.

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