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  1. 1. The border shepherd dog is native to the Scottish border. It is a kind of Carey Shepherd. It has a strong shepherd instinct. It is intelligent and good at inspecting words. It can accurately understand the owner's instructions.
    2, Labrador, also known as recovery dog, is a medium and large dog. It is named because of its origin in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. Class six. Labrador's loyalty, atmosphere, thick, gentle, sunny, cheerful, lively, high IQ, and very friendly to people.
    3, Samoyed dogs, nicknamed Samoyed, Satsuma, was originally a breed raised by the Aboriginal Samoye in Siberia. There is a very eye -catching appearance, especially when it laughs, so there is also the title of "Smile Angel".
    4, Akita dog, a Japanese dog, a family pet dog in Japan. Akita is the largest fox dog breed in Japan. This large fox dog is quite noticeable even in Europe and the United States.
    5, German shepherd, alias, Germany black back, which is often said -wolf dog, this dog is native to Germany. Black back is very smart, ranked third in the world's dog -breed ranking, and it is suitable for action -type working environment. The name, so it is also known as the Yorkshire Sircoli, Joseph, and Joseph Orangutan. It is a small stalk dog. Dog breed.
    6, Pomeranian scientific name Hardley is a British dog, also known as Pomeranian dog, a German fox dog, belongs to small dog species, native to Germany. Bomei has soft, dense bottom hair and thick fur; it has a vigilant personality, smart expression, brisk manners and curiosity, loyal, friendly, small and cute body.
    7, Big Hounds generally refer to the MiGlu hunter, also known as the "Big dog", are one of the world's famous dog breeds. It is a hunting dog in classification and is a smaller of hounds. Due to the small body shape, it is easy to tame and arrest, loved ones, cute appearance, cheerful personality, and affectionate movements, and they are becoming popular with people and become family dogs.
    8, Cardigan Wales Corki is one of the two types of Wales Corgi Dog. The other is Pengbrock Wales Corgi Dog. It is an ancient grazing variety and belongs to small dogs. Cardigan Wales Corgi Dog is short, with moderate bones and deep chest; the proportion of the side contours of the entire body is much greater than height; the tail position is very low, and it looks like a fox tail; the overall impression given is: beautiful, powerful and powerful Small dogs, speed and endurance are very good
    9, Chinese pastoral dogs traditionally called "earth dogs". Some places in the north are also called "firewood dogs". Strong regional, easy to raise, stronger constitution than ordinary dog ​​breeds, and loyalty. It is widely used in rural home care homes and early hunting!
    10, Shih Shi Dog: It looks like a Barbie doll. This dog originated from Tibet and was raised in the Lama Temple. This small dog is often taken out by humans. The shape is a bit like a little lion or a lovely puppy

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